Monday, June 6, 2011

MTV Movie Awards

     I didn't watch all of the MTV Movie Awards last night, but I recorded the whole show.  I was glad to see that ECLIPSE did so well and so did the actors in it.  The MTV awards are a lot more laid back and less proper than some other awards.  The Oscars, Grammy's, and other awards that come on regular channels are a lot more censored and more tasteful than the MTV awards being on a cable channel.

2011 Movie Awards host Jason Sudeikis can't resist the Golden Popcorn.

     Some of the things they did were funny, but even though this award show isn't supposed to be as serious as others, I don't really think it has to be so raunchy either.  Some things said were bad, but also funny.  Other things were uncalled for.  Is it because the stars are expected to act that way for the show?  Some of what I saw seemed out of character for some actors and it made me wonder if some of it was an act.

     Reese Witherspoon got the Generation Award.  I, and I think most everybody, am used to seeing her act so ladylike and sophisticated.  I have never thought of her as prudish, but that she just carries herself a little differently.  She was a bit vulgar in her acceptance speech and I was just shocked that she said what she did.  They way she said it sounded like she was trying to be teenager or at least a young 20 year old.  She pointed out that you don't have to be a reality star or have naked pictures made to make it in Hollywood.  That was a good message, but I think it got lost in other things she said.

     Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were innappropriately grabbing each other presenting an award.  Robert Pattinson kissing Taylor Lautner was one of the more tame things that happened. I love movies like "The Hangover."  I don't get easily offended, but this award show has gone from what could be a light night of awards and playful humor to just being vulgar.  It, to me, was way more vulgar than funny.  What do you think?

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