Friday, June 17, 2011

My Papa

     My Papa is one of the sweetest men you will meet.  I don't think I have ever heard anyone say anything bad about him. 

     I remember when I was little he was the one I liked to take care of my when I was sick.  He had such a gentle, easy way of taking care of me.  He was in the Navy and worked with the doctor on the ship so we would always ask him medical questions.  He knew a lot, but it was the way he took care of me that meant the most.

     My Papa and Nana are the ones that never said bad words when I was growing up.  The would say other things in place of bad words.  My kids love being around the two of them because they can be really funny.  Papa will come out and say something you don't expect him to at all and the kids think it is hilarious.  They took us to the airport a couple of summers ago and I guess the traffic and trying to get us where we were supposed to be dropped off at got to the two of them.  We made it there and then trying to get alongside the curb for us to get out and get our luggage, Papa got really frustrated with the car in front of us.  He called the man driving the car a "cod" and I thought my kids were going to hurt themselves they were laughing so hard.  Then, something happened with Nana's phone and she said "Shit" and they couldn't stop laughing at her.  The kids still laugh about that.  It was just so out of character that made it so funny.

     When I talked about Nana for Mother's Day I said she was dependable.  The same goes for Papa.  He is at all the ballgames, school functions, and everything else all the kids do.  I know no matter what I can always depend on him.

     He is the handyman in the family.  I think he can just about fix anything and if he can't he knows somebody who can.  He helps me out a lot when I need anything done around the house.  He is also our gardener.  He will come over in the spring and plant vegetables in boxes for any of us that want them.  I don't take for granted the things that I just count on and rely on him to do.

     I have a lot of really good memories from his side of the family.  He had two brothers and four sisters.  Out of all of them, we have him and two of his sisters left.  They all live around here so I have A LOT of cousins from his side.  It was always so much fun when we would all get together.  His last name is Bennett.  A lot of people around our town remember his mom for her steak sandwiches.  She was SUCH a good cook!  I loved going to spend the night with her.  My youngest's middle name is Bennett. It is just a small gesture of how much that side of my family means to me.

     I am so blessed and thankful for my Papa.  I have never needed him that he wasn't there for me.  That is priceless.  I am so glad my kids have him.  He is a positive male influence and he steps up as a father figure any time he is needed.  I can't thank him enough for that, but I know he wouldn't have it any other way.

     My daughter, Sydney, was born on Papa's birthday.  I still have the birthday card that he gave her where he wrote in it, "You are the best birthday present I ever got."  That is his sweet, sweet way about him.

     I love you, Papa, and I hope you have a Wonderful Father's Day!  You more than deserve it!

Sydney and Papa on their birthday this year.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I just want to hug your Papa right now :)