Wednesday, June 1, 2011


     I haven't been able to post anything because of my surgery.  I am doing well, but I have a lot of pain and muscle spasms.  It turns out my pain was coming from some arthritis, but I also had an exposed nerve root.  OUCH!  I am so glad it is summer and the kids are around to help and it isn't so crazy trying to get                everybody where they need to be.  I am ready to get this recovery over with so I can enjoy some of their time off with them.  I know from the last one I can't rush it, but I am ready to start my summer!  I found these cartoons about surgery and thought they were funny.  I hope to be able to sit at the computer longer in the next day or two.

'I'm past the liver, and there's the inflamed gallbladder. ... OK, switch us back to the game...' by Moore, Steve

'Botox you fool! not buttocks!' by Bryant, Adey

I think the surgery went well. I'll know more when I hear from the billing department. by Bacall, Aaron

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