Monday, June 13, 2011

Spiders Can't Drive

     Sydney is a tough girl.  She isn't scared of much, but spiders TERRIFY her.  I don't like them either, but she goes completely bananas.  It's funny and I always laugh at her because it is the only thing that scares her like that.

     Have you seen the AT&T commercial when the girl freaks out at a restaurant when she sees the spider on the phone?  Sydney could have done that job a lot better than the actress.  Only it would have been real fear, not acting.

     She is about to get her real license and be out on the road by herself.  I am scared enough about other drivers and things like crazy, perverted men following her, I didn't know I would have to worry about spiders too.

     She was driving the other day and we had just left a big business park.  She saw a little spider above her on the visor and ABSOLUTELY FREAKED OUT!   I was going to try to get it.  I didn't want to touch it either so I took an envelope and tried to knock it my way.     Didn't work.             It fell right onto the area of the steering wheel.

     I kid you not, she just stopped driving.  Yeah.  We were on a 2 lane road, CURVY 2 lane road at that, and she didn't even see, or maybe didn't care about, the cars that were passing us.  She is just screaming to the top of her lungs and moving her arms like crazy and I am looking, but can't find that stupid spider anywhere. 

     I am yelling at her at the same time because, well, she is supposed to be still driving!  I am fussing at her that you can't just stop driving when you get scared.  She finally realizes she has to get back to driving to at least get us somewhere we can stop.  We never found that spider. 

     We got home and were telling my sister, Amanda, what happened.  She thought it was funny, but not near as funny as listening to me and Sydney yell at each other. She thought our "discussion" was what was the funniest. I am trying to explain to her that you can't have an accident because you are scared of a spider.  I think I called what she did stupid about 10 times.  She is yelling back at me that she is terrified of them and she just reacted.

     My sister thinks it is so funny because me and Sydney agree on almost everything.  She thought it was funny watching us argue.        She hasn't been in the car with the two of us because that is when all arguments take place!  I can't believe I have to go through this again right now with Shane.  He is going to get his learners in the next week or so, so I am starting all over with another one.  Unless he sees a football somewhere, maybe he will stay focused.  Football distracts him from EVERYTHING!

     The whole spider incident is still a touchy situation.  We laught about it, but then it can start another "What Were You Thinking" discussion.  


     She always reminds me at the end about my horrific fear of snakes.  She says what would you do if a snake was hanging from your visor?     All I can say is............. touche`!

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