Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summers Today

     This is the first morning since my surgery that I have felt "normal."  I still have some pain and muscle spasms, but I don't feel so wiped out from the anesthesia and other medicines.  I think I had 3 rounds of antibiotics in 24 hours through my IV.  I am sure it hit me a little harder being put to sleep because I was just put asleep 9 months ago.  I love my doctor, but I hope after my post op appointment on Tuesday I don't have to see him for a while!

     I am ready to start my summer with the kids.  I have never been this pale before in June.  I wonder if they are filming "Vampire Diaries" right now.  It is filmed in Georgia, and I am so pale I might have a shot at playing a background vampire!

     I am only behind one week on summer so I will catch up.  The summers seem so short, though.  When I was younger it seemed like we had a lot more time off.  We did start school later, that made a difference.  The kids are so involved in things that I think it makes it go faster when they are busy. 

     I remember when I was around 10, we would ride bikes all day, go from house to house, and not go in until it was almost dark and I heard my mom calling me.  Kids can't do that these days and they are really missing out.  We played in the creek and didn't even think about the snakes we came across (which is probably why I am now terrified of them) and went all over the place on our bikes.  My mom had no idea where we were most of the day. 

    Kids today miss out on that kind of freedom.  I am scared of the ice cream truck that keeps coming by because I don't know who is selling the ice cream or where it came from. When I was little, we would go to my aunt Harla's house and swim in her pool and when we heard the ice cream truck me and my cousin Benjy would just go by ourselves and get our ice cream completely out of our moms' sight.  There's no way I would do that now.    (By the way, I have read in 3 or 4 different places where moms tell their kids that when the music is playing it means they are out of ice cream.  Brilliant!)

     We would also get out at night with our friends and roll yards with toilet paper, or ring doorbells and run.  For some reason, the police get involved if you try to do that anymore.  Totally takes the fun out of it.  Prank calling was also fun.  That was way before caller ID and being able to block calls.  Sydney had a slumber party when she turned 13 and two of the girls thought it would be fun to prank call a girl that wasn't there on their cell phone.  They had the wrong number and was calling some poor girl in another town.  She got scared, her parents called the police and the girl whose cell phone was used and her parents had to go to the police station the next day to clear it up.  Completely got blown out of proportion, but I can see how the girl being called got  upset.

     They do benefit from technology that we weren't able to use.  I was always sad the last day of school, well for one thing I was the wierd kid that loved school, but I knew I would miss my friends that I only saw at school.  Then, we would go on vacation and I would always make friends with kids from places like Illinois, New York, and other places I would never go and not get to see them again.  Kids have it so easy now with facebook they don't have to miss anybody or lose touch with new friends.  That is one positive change.  I would have loved facebook when I was younger, but then again, I probably wouldn't have spent so much time outside either.

     Although kids have a lot more now than we did when I was younger, I think they are definitely missing out on being creative and having to use their imagination.  Stratton is building some kind of raft right now out of water bottles.  He is my little inventor.  I call him McGyver, although he doesn't really know what I am talking about.  He wants to try it out and see if it works in the pool.  I guess kids today do still have a sense of imagination.  Even if he did get the idea off of You Tube!

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