Friday, June 24, 2011

Things Sure Have Changed

Ever feel kind of stuck?  That's how I feel today.  My kids have plans with my mom and sister so I have a little time, but don't know what to do. 

What I REALLY need to do is about 5,000 things I haven't done in months because of my back.  But, that doesn't sound fun at all.  Even if I wasn't so behind I don't know where to start, it still doesn't sound interesting. 

When the kids were little and I had an afternoon to myself I thought I was in Heaven!  Now, they don't need me for every little thing like a drink, snack, clean bottom, or putting in a video.  Yeah, we had videos when they were little, then dvds came around and I didn't know what to do with all the videos. There was no way I could go out and replace all the videos we collected with dvds. Thank goodness for dvd/video players.  I would have been in a real pickle for a while.

It amazes me what kids have now that is so different from when my kids were little.  We are only talking about 10 years that made a huge difference.  I see what my sisters kids have compared to what mine had at that age.

Cell phones are a huge difference.  I think my kids think I am messing with them when I talk about my "car phone" when I was 18.  I tell them it was called a car phone because it was mounted in my car.  Mounted with a big box that didn't let me talk outside of the car.  My sister's kids know how to use her cell phone.  Which is good if they were in the car and they needed to call somebody, but wait a minute, we have OnStar now that will do it for you.

Kids have no idea how easy they have it in the car.  Especially the ones with the dvd players.  Me and my brother and sister would have LOVED that when we went on vacation.  That is another thing, we were all three squished into one backseat where now kids are spread out and sometimes have their own seat.  We didn't have the dvd player either.  Remember?  We had tape cassettes and if you tried to find a song, good luck.  You had to fast forward, rewind until you found the beginning.

Also, cell phones on a road trip are wonderful now.  We did things the old fashioned way.  We would ride down following my dad's brother and sister and their families.  We knew we needed to all stop when my uncle Eddy would ride up beside us and hold up a sign that said "Need to Pee."  We were so bored, that was the part we waited for, the sign!

I am glad technology has come so far because along with convenience there are a lot of things that make us safer.  Sydney having a cell phone out by herself will help my sanity.  A little bit.  Kids love technology, but I don't think they realize just how easy it is now to keep up with them and what they are doing. 

I had my little nephew, Macalister, at my house the other day and he wanted to play on my computer.  I thought I would have to find what he was looking for.  Nope!  He went right to it.  And he's 4!  My niece, Sadie, got a hold of my sister and her husband's cell phones last week and she locked THEM out of their phones for just a little while.  She will be 2 in two months. 

Shows are so different too.  I will think my kids will enjoy a cartoon I used to watch or a TV show and they think it is boring.  I will let them watch a movie that was rated R twenty years ago and it seems more like PG (not even PG 13) today.

I just think it is funny how SO much can change in a rather short period of time. 

Do remember how far fetched "The Jetsons" seemed?  Wasn't it neat how Mr. Spacely would talk to George on the tv?  We can do that now with Skype.  It's not Rosie, but we do have that robotic vauum cleaner. 

Things have changed and they make life a lot easier.  For those that know how to use them.  I am not technologically intelligent in most things out there and by the time I do figure something out it is either considered old or there is a newer version.  I saw a commercial for iPad2 yesterday.  I don't have iPad1, so I am really behind.  I might as well wait for the iPad3 at this point.

It all just makes me curious about what we will have in the next 10 or so years.  I do miss my uncle's signs, though!

'Just think of it as if you're reading a long text-message.' by Carpenter, Dave

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