Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This Weeks "Bachelorette"

     I don't know where to start.  I should quit watching this show, but I can't.  I can't figure the bachelorette out.  I think this show has got to be more about ratings and young, single people wanting to travel than what the show is really about.  Of course the group of guys or girls that go on the show hoping to get a rose are also in it for fun.  If they can't find love they might as well get to travel to places they wouldn't ordinarily be able to.  Which is why I think the show has gotten a little smarter and hasn't picked the most fun destination this time.  Thailand was really pretty, but you know these guys came on the show hoping to go to different islands and beaches.

     I can't figure out the bachelorette.  For starters, I feel sorry for her because she has to feel like a complete idiot watching the show now.  She has talked about Bentley Pinto the WHOLE ENTIRE time.  In her defense, at the time of taping she had no idea what he had said about her.  They really should have pulled her aside and told her or showed her some of the filming.  I feel bad for her on that one.

     Then, I don't feel bad for her in some of her choices.  For instance, the boxing last night?????  She had no idea that would go wrong?  You get all these guys trying to look tough and boxing it out wasn't going to bring out the testosterone?  She clearly didn't think that one through.

     I felt SOOO sorry for Ames.  To start with, he got stuck with the mamby pamby pink boxers, then he gets knocked out by Ryan.  Ryan isn't exactly the muscled up stud in the house.  And, me and Sydney still can't look at him without laughing and thinking his eyes resemble a fish.  To top it off, he gets knocked silly and they really start floating around!  I really like him, but he was obviously not seeing straight.  We felt bad, but we kept getting tickled at him when he came back to the group date that night.  He really should have gone to bed and rested.  We kept joking and saying things like, "He is probably trying to figure out why he is there and all these guys are fighting over a ROSE!"  We kept waiting for him to walk into something.  Then, we joked that he would say any minute, "Anybody going to get that phone?"  He looked like he was so out of it.  And I know it doesn't sound like it, but I do like him a lot better than some of the others, but that was bad.

     And the William and Ben C. deal.  I was really upset with Ashley that she just took William's word for it and let Ben go.  I thought it was crazy since he was obviously not the guy she thought he was.  Then, she redeemed herself when she sent him home too.  William thought he was so smooth and smart telling her that about Ben wanting to go on dating websites, then he was dumb enough to tell her he wasn't ready to grow up and just wanted to have fun.  He might as well just gotten up and sent himself home.  That's what he gets for playing mean!

     I can't figure the whole thing out.  She listened to William, but when every guy has told her they don't like Ryan she kept him instead of Nick.  I am still shaking my head on that one.  I like Constantine and his honesty, but  I am trying to decide if he is too honest.  I know that sounds weird, but it seems sometimes like he is trying not to get outsmarted by her questions.  Which, I don't think she is thinking too much about anybody's answers.  She is still waiting for Bentley  Pinto to come back!  If I was her after watching the show now, I would go get those boxing gloves from Thailand and beat the crap out of Chris Harrison for not telling me the truth and making me look like a fool!

Really?  She let this go, and we didn't get to know him at all.

But, this she kept, the one nobody in the house likes!

     I should really stop watching, but I can't now.  Bentley Pinto is back next week!

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