Friday, June 17, 2011

Trying to Make Sense Out of A Senseless Situation

     I don't understand our legal system at all.  I am an impatient person most of the time, though.  It is a reality that for things to work out like they need to it all takes time.  There is a lot of stuff still in the air I would like to just get over with.  I am so tired of dealing with things that aren't on the top of my list.  But, it has to be done right and that takes time.  If I don't have everything I need in place then it will just have to be done all over again anyway.

     I may not be making a lot of sense, but what I am talking about doesn't make sense to me.  I keep shaking my head at the fact that I am dealing with what I am anyway.  A man shouldn't have to be threatened with a day in court to financially be responsible for his kids.  It should be a welcomed responsibility.  The fact that it's not and it is an on going, neverending, draining battle makes no sense to me. 

     The business part of things will work itself out.  You can't just do some things and not have consequences.  That part takes time and I have to be patient.

     The biggest consequence happened a long time ago and I don't ever see it changing.  My kids are with me and they have no desire to change that.  A man and woman can fight out issues in a court room, but if you have lost the respect of your kids, and everyone else around you that knows the truth, what have you won?  My kids' love, respect, and trust is priceless to me.  I have something that is worth more than all the child support in the world and that means everything to me.  All the child support in the world can't change that now or probably ever.  Years from now, I won't be getting child support anymore.  Never got spousal to start with.  Just wanted the kids to be taken care of.  When that support isn't an issue, I will have my kids appreciation, love, huge amount of trust and respect.  For that, I am thankful.  The situation may be hard and frankly sickening, right now, but in a few years, and we know how fast the next 6 years will go by, it won't matter.

     What will I be left with?  In my eyes, EVERYTHING that truly matters to me.

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