Friday, June 3, 2011

"The View" and Wedding Talk

     I love watching "The View."  Today, they had Niecey Nash as a guest host and the talk was about weddings.  Sherri was a bridesmaid in Niecey's wedding and now she is a bridesmaid in Sherri's along with Elizabeth.  Niecey said people asked her why she had such a big wedding since it was her second and she said she "wanted women out there to know that after divorce, stretch marks, and three kids, you can still find happiness with a man."  I felt like she was talking to me.  Definitely about the stretch marks!   She didn't say anything about surgical scars though.

     I thought it was funny that Whoopi said she didn't get big weddings, especially in this economy.  What I thought was really funny was when she said "it should be enough when you find the person you ATTEMPT to spend the rest of your days with.  Then, you should have a party at your five year anniversary."


     I have a hard enough time taking care of my kids that finding a husband hasn't really been on the top of  my list.  If I met someone, my make or break question would be a lot different than most women's.  I would hope he has a job, a nice mother (I don't care what anybody says you DO marry the whole family), no criminal record, or no diseases.  I understand my standards might have to be a little lowered, but my question that would mean the most to me right now is "How good is your health insurance?"  At the rate I am going, that would make a big difference!

     Marriage is a wonderful thing and I have seen friends on their second marriage and even blended families that are very happy.  I just hope the next wedding I plan will be my daughter, Sydney's.  And I am in NO RUSH whatsoever for that one!

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