Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse

     I felt really sad yesterday when I heard that Amy Winehouse had been found dead.  I didn't know her, but when people are put in magazines and all over TV, you get to feeling like you do.  You know something about them anyway.

     This is so sad and it happens to so many young people, celebrities or not.  I feel like we take entertainers and we enjoy their music, movies, or whatever makes them famous and we kind of put them on a pedestal.  A lot of people think that if someone becomes famous they should be expected to have their life an open book.  That everybody knowing everything they do just comes with the part of being famous. I am not sure that is quite fair.  We put them on that pedestal and love them and then can be so quick to judge them. I am sure there are many, many advantages celebrities have because of their stardom, but I don't think their lives under a microscope is one of them.

    Remember in high school how image was everything?  You worried all night about what to wear the next day, never mind you had a history test you should have been studying.  Our priorities at that age are our image and what people think of us.  It just goes with being that age.  But, when we get older we don't want to be remembered just for our high school years.  We did other things when image wasn't the top priority.  That pressure was so hard, I can't imagine worrying about what millions of people think.  A person can gain millions of fans in a day and can lose them just as easily. 

     I think the pressure is that way with celebrities.  They get out there, worry about what will keep them interesting to the public, and work.  And that is the point.  At the end of the day, they are just people and being in the spotlight is their job.  They work everyday whether they mean to or not, just by being in the public eye.

     When we think of acting legends or musician legends, it is their talent that comes to mind.  Then, we remember things in their personal life that wasn't so great, but it is that talent that hopefully lives on.  Everybody makes mistakes.  Young people can become famous so fast and at such an early age they don't know what to do with it sometimes.  I think that is the negative part of them that we see.  They may be still trying to find and establish their identity and the  public sometimes sticks them with one.

     There was a lot of touble surrounding Amy Winehouse.  She never looked happy in pictures and it was well known she was battling problems.  I believe we sometimes take these people, help make them famous, put them on a pedestal, and then can be judgmental when the negative part comes out.  It is a disservice to them and although it comes along with being a star, it is unfortunate.  At the end of the day they are just people, but so many people mistakenly see them as so much more. 

     It is so easy for people with that much attention and pressure on them to lose sight of things.  When anyone has a hard time and feel like their world is just beating them down it is easy to get discouraged.  This is when we are supposed to turn to and trust God even more.  A lot of people go in the opposite direction though, and I think it just opens up a lot of negativity to come into their lives.  They feel like God has failed them and they turn the other way and that is when things really get bad.

     When we look back at so many people who were celebrities that fought their demons and lost it brings about a sense of sadness.  Just a few that instantly come to mind are Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, River Pheonix, Heath Ledger, and there are so many more.  I just think it is sad.  Amy Winehouse was only 27, but doesn't it seem like she was so much older than that?  I feel sad because everything else aside she was a young girl with a lot of troubles and anytime someone, famous or not, gets that lost it just makes me feel sad.  Somehow, I also feel a strange sense of responsibility when something like this happens as just a part of that public that watched that person act, enjoyed their music, and read about their troubles.  I don't think we should be able to put them on that pedestal without taking a little responsibility. 


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