Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley

     I know we have an unfair advantage watching "The Bachelorette".  Ashley can't see everything we see, but she sees ENOUGH.  What is she thinking?  I think my problem is I am in the mindset of a 40 year old divorced mom of 3 and she seems to be looking for what I know doesn't last.

     Sure, you want to be attracted to your husband, but there are so many more things that are more important.  I know if I ever even have the desire to get married again I will definitely want someone smart.  I have given Ames a hard time, but he is so smart and so sweet.  I know he might not agree, but she did him a favor.  I have seen in magazines he is dating Jackie from Brad's "The Bachelor".  They sound like a good match.  No doubt she was smarter than Brad.  He couldn't brush his teeth without calling his therapist to see how he should do it.  I admit he needed a therapist, but when a man is that dependent on one a big huge red flag should appear before his face.

     A man that is smart and just normal is so under appreciated.  JP's family has such strong opinions about him getting hurt again.  I don't know about y'all, but his family's concern just kind of brings to my memory the part of Fatal Attraction where Glenn Close shows her slit wrists.  I mean it is sad that JP got hurt, but his family is tiptoeing around it way too much.  I think there is a story there we are missing.

     Ben showed a side we haven't seen.  He almost had a little boy sad cry.  It was sincere, though.  He opened up to Ashley and his mom and sister.  And, Constantine, oh my goodness I want to get in my car and go straight to his family restaurant now that I know the name of it.  It isn't really that odd I would favor him because he is as close to his family as I am mine and his looked almost as big.  I told Sydney, we need to go find him and see if he is into girls a lot younger or a lot older.  He would fit in perfect with our family!

     Did you see the previews to next week?  I didn't know she was related to Kat Von D!  What in the world?  Is that her sister she gets mad at?  All I know is she may not need a rose ceremony next week because Constantine and Ben may run for the hills.  She is safe with JP though.  Although, she might want to watch him and her sister.  If I am right, he is nothing like she thinks he is and she better run while she can.

     Poor Constantine and Ben.  They have had to make it all the way to this point before they get an actual vacation destination worth being on the show.  I say that, and I know it sounds mean, but we all know she is going to pick JP.  At least Constantine and Ben will finally get a decent trip out of it.  I feel really bad for Ames.  He is better off without Ashley, but he worked so hard to get that close to an actual vacation.

     I tried to root for Ashley in the beginning, but she has showed me she isn't as serious as she should be or maybe she just doesn't want a good guy.  Maybe she knows it will go nowhere with JP and the others would actually try to make it work.  Who knows!  I am just exhausted after watching an episode.  We will see next week, but my bet is Ben will go home next.

I am going to miss Ames.  I wanted to cry when he didn't get picked.  He turned out to be such a great guy and had a great family too.  I do think Jackie is a much better match if it is true they are dating.  He would have gotten bored with Ashley after a while.


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