Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict

     It is so suprising and upsetting that Casey Anthony was found not guilty.  I haven't kept up with the whole case, but I know this is very disappointing for those who have stayed with it the whole time.  My aunt Cecilia was here this weekend with my uncle Jimmy and she has watched the whole thing.  She caught me up on a lot of it.  She was watching it at my mom's house and I saw what I think probably determined the verdict.  There was so much testimony and work on both the side of the defense team and prosecuting team  But, this stood out to me and I really think it held more value than a lot of other things in the courtroom.


     This reinforced the idea that you can't find a person guilty unless beyond a reasonable doubt.  This chart was a visual reminder that if they had any doubt whatsoever, they could not find her guilty.  I don't think they could have said it in a way that made more of an impact than this chart.  When I saw it, I knew it would be hard for the jurors to not think about while making a decision.

     It is very upsetting that there seems to be no justice for Caylee.  I do feel sorry for Casey's parents.  They lost a granddaughter in a terrible way and they could have lost their daughter as well.  However, I don't know what kind of relationship they will have when all of this blows over.  She has lost their trust and put such awful doubts and questions in their minds. 

     I haven't watched the whole case, but in my opinion from just what I know, I don't think she should be able to have more children.  She could possibly get out of jail in a short amount of time and have another child.  If you are thinking who would marry her, then think about the sickening idea that someone will write a book about her, make a movie out of it, and she will make a lot of money from that.  That isn't fair at all is it?  I am learning a lot of things in this world aren't fair.  Especially when it comes to children. 

     She was clearly happy with the verdict and had to fight back a smile when the rest of it was read.  She may have dodged a huge bullet with this trial, but there is another trial she will have to face one day and He knows beyond a reasonable doubt exactly what happened.  You may get away with things here, but you won't be able to where it really counts.

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