Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Skylar!

     I want to wish my niece, Skylar, a Happy Birthday!  We celebrated her party last night, but today is her actual birthday.  Skylar is my niece that is a lot like me, she is even named after me.  Shakespeare said a name is just a name, but in our family when you are named after someone, and everybody is, you somehow become a lot like that person.

    Maybe it is because we have an instant bond with the one that is our namesake and we unintentionally bring to light those similiarities.  But, it's hard not to feel a little special closeness to a child that has your name.

     We always have a good time with birthday parties.  I don't know if you have noticed, but it seems like I am writing about one all the time.  Between all the kids and adults, we are always celebrating someone's birthday. 

The birthday girl!  Her party was Rock Star themed.  Sydney crimped and fixed her hair.

Getting ready for the water balloon fight!

Watch out Timothy!

Ella loves her Pop!  (me too!)

Sweet Papa to the rescue lighting the candles.

She blew them out in no time!  Those lungs are ready for cheerleading!

My sister, Amanda, and her husband and their kids.  Good thing Amanda likes parties because from March to August she has to put on 5!

As if the weekend wasn't busy enough, Sydney had senior pictures on Saturday.  This is going to be a fun and good school year for all the kids, but it is going to be an emotional one.  I know this because it has already started!  (the tears, I mean!)



ali @ an ordinary mom said...

Ah, Happy Birthday (late) to your sweet girl!
And I know what you mean about emoptional year, my oldest is a senior this year as well!

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

Thank you! We will have to keep in touch through our teary school year!