Monday, July 4, 2011

Have You Heard This?

     We had a fun day at my mom's pool yesterday and then again today.  It is a lot of fun with all of the kids, but the adults are always trying to watch everybody and keep up with them.  You hear sad, sad stories all the time about kids and swimming pools.  Sometimes, there is plenty of adult supervision and maybe each of them think the other is watching.  We are definitely outnumbered and I can easily see how things can happen quickly with no one noticing.

     Have you heard the story about the Boston woman drowning?  My brother in law was telling us about it.  Apparently, a 36 year old woman drowned in a public pool and wasn't noticed for 2 days.  It is too strange.  How in the world could that happen?  There has to be another explanation.  She was there watching a 9 year old boy, her neighbor, and he told lifeguards she had an accidently went down the slide and didn't come up after hitting the water.  The article also said she is a mom of 5.  Where were her other kids?  How did nobody, including inspectors, see the body on the bottom?  It doesn't make any sense.  Her body was found floating, but until then nobody saw her on the bottom of the pool.

     That is a really odd story.  Can you imagine being the people who were in the water those two days?  How in the world did nobody see her? My brother in law saw that the water conditions were really murky and that it wasn't easy to see the bottom.  And people were swimming in it?  It doesn't make sense at all, does it?  However it happened it is really sad and an awful way to pass.

     I guess it is just a reminder to be careful and not assume others are watching.  We always worry about kids, you just don't think about something like that happening in a pool to an adult.  Maybe in lakes or oceans, but not a pool.  I hope they can figure it out and make some kind of sense out of it for her family's sake.

    I was just interested if any of you had heard it too and what you think about it. 

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