Saturday, July 9, 2011

Miss Sadie

     I have started something with my niece, Sadie, that she won't let me forget.  She is so pretty and sweet.  She will be 2 at the end of August.  Any time I am at my sister's, even for just a minute, Sadie wants to walk home with me.  She goes in my back door and heads straight for the bowl of suckers.  She takes what she wants and then she is ready to go back home.  It's so funny.

     She has been attached to me lately.  She wants me to hold her all the time and she runs to me when she sees me.  I will pretend it's because she loves me so much, but I know she really wants to go with me to get a sucker.  I am the real sucker in this picture, though!  Really, as long as she is loving on me and giving me the attention she is giving me I will do whatever she wants!

                                                              Sadie and Shane

     Yesterday, I walked over to my sister's and when I got ready to leave Sadie wanted to go with me.  We got what she was after and went back to her house.  Amanda was ready to put her down for a nap when I was trying to leave to go home.  She was crying for me and I knew she just wanted to walk back over.  I felt awful leaving.  I turned around to close the door behind me and she was looking at me and crying.  BROKE MY HEART!

     I had to go back to my sister's a little bit later.  She said Sadie went right to sleep after I left so I felt better.  I was sitting in the den floor holding Samuel and in walks Sadie.  She got up from her nap and was staring at me like "I thought you left."  She then smiled ran over and gave me a big hug.  Then..................... she stepped back a little looked at me and whacked me in the head as if to say, "Don't do that again!"

     And you know what...................I probably won't!  I have always said it doesn't matter who wears the pants in the family because the one in the diaper rules the whole house.  Miss Sadie has proven me right!

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