Saturday, July 23, 2011

Playing Musical Kids

     That is an odd phrase, playing musical kids.  It is what I call it when me and my sister exchange kids.  I am wiped out today!  We had a fun day yesterday and last night. Amanda and her husband, Harrison, took three of their kids, Walt, Skylar, and Macalister, and my three kids to the water park.  I stayed behind and me and my mom watched Sadie and Samuel, Amanda's youngest two. 

     I guess we could called it topsy, turvy kids too!  It can get a little confusing.  I had a great-grandmother that had a hard time remembering all the kids and grandkids' names.  We would always laugh at her and imitate her.  After rattling off a couple of names she just usually ended up calling everybody "hickey". 

     I think my mom is near that point.  I have all three of my kids with "S" names and my sister also has three "S" names.  We also have Skylar and my brothers son,Tyler, that rhyme, so it is sometimes hard to keep up with!

     When everybody got back from the water park, my boys stayed with Amanda and spent the night and we got Skylar in exchange.  I don't think that was a very fair exchange.  I ended up with less kids and Amanda added to her bunch.  Poor Skylar got jipped.  We watched "Toddlers and Tiaras" from this week so she enjoyed that, but me and Sydney are not morning people at all so I think we bored Skylar most of the morning.

     My kids, being a little older, get up and do their own thing, and they don't need me.  I forget how when younger ones get up you do too!  Skylar isn't a slow mover in the morning like me and Sydney.  She had a little coffee (more milk than coffee) with me and after that she was really ready to go!

     I like it when we change the kids around.  I feel like I get to spend a little extra time with each of them that way and they always love it! 

     I think I am going to suggest another exchange around lunch time.  I will take Sadie and Samuel again and have a nap with them!  I doubt I will get away with that one! 

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Common Household Mom said...

Kid swaps are great. It definitely is hard getting used to having a very young one around, though!

I sometimes do a kid swap with one of my brothers' kids. Right now my brother is taking my oldest daughter backpacking for three days, and I am taking his youngest and my youngest to Girl Scout camp.

I think I get the best of this deal. I don't have to go backpacking, and the camp looks after the younger girls (age 12, so not so young).

I hope you got your nap!