Sunday, July 10, 2011

SHhhhhhhhhhh........My Mom's Suprise

     We did something sneaky.  We all live right here together which is great most of the time, but when we are trying to get our mom a secret birthday gift it is hard!  Her whole life revolves around her grandchildren.  We have twice successfully got pictures made of them and given them to her.  They were both Christmas presents.

     The first time, was a few years ago and it was just Sydney, Shane, Stratton, Walt, and Timothy and Tyler were babies.  Our parents were out of town, so we went to my sister's and made the picture.  You would have thought my mom won a million dollars for Christmas.  She LOVED it!

     Then, we had Skylar and Macalister that weren't in it.  So...... we made another one.  This time we went to her house while they were out to eat with friends.  Bethany's uncle Greg is a professional photographer so he met us and made the pictures for the second time.  It is so funny, though, because we had had a lot of things going on with break ins, mainly in our cars, on our street, so my dad paid attention to everything!  We moved furniture around and had to make sure it was put in exactly the right place, I was wiping Macalisters new fingerprints off the windows, dad keeps a water bottle by his chair and one of the kids kept getting it and we kept putting it back.  It was work!  Walt left something up there, and Amanda had to go back after mom and dad were home and make up some story why it was there.  It worked out though, and she LOVED it again.  It really freaked her out that it was made in HER house!  Then, we explained what we did and dad kept saying, "I knew somebody had been here."  We don't need a neighborhood watch, he is it!

     This is why I hate lying.  I am not smart enough to remember what I said.  And, I know I have a guilty look on my face the whole time because it makes me really uncomfortable.  This week, we decided to take ALL ELEVEN kids to Picture People and have another picture made with our new additions since the last picture, Sadie, Ella, and Samuel.   Did you see?  ELEVEN kids vs. me, Amanda, and Bethany.  It was work again, but we did it!  We gave her a beautifully framed trilogy picture of all her grandchildren together.  Ella and Sadie are holding suckers because that is the only way we could get them away from their mommies, but it is a really, really good picture.  The one in the middle is of all of them, the one on the left side is just the girls, and the one on the right side is just the boys. 

     We have said each time she would love the video of us getting the picture as much as the picture itself.  In the first one, Tyler had reflux really bad and Stratton happened to be holding him at the time.  He was only 5, but as soon as Tyler started spitting up Stratton started dropping him.  We were all behind Greg jumping up and down trying to get them to laugh and Amanda did most of the jumping to find out about two weeks later she was pregnant with Skylar!

     All three times were an adventure.  This time, we all had to lie about what we were doing because mom was home and we talk to her every morning and she sees what everybody is doing and who needs help.  I think we may have hurt her feelings that day because between me, Amanda, and Bethany we either lied or didn't talk to her before leaving.  It was funny too because after making the pictures we fed the kids lunch and then went back to look at them and mom called Amanda right in the middle of picking pictures out.  We were in the mall the whole time and Amanda said something like, "It's so cloudy we couldn't have gone to the pool anyway."  It was cloudy when we went into the mall, but right after she said that we left and when we got outside it was pretty.  Amanda just laughed and said, "I knew she acted funny when I said that!"  I felt bad because I had a pretend trip to the grocery store for 3 hours and no grocery bags.  We made up a story that we just went to the mall for a minute and Sydney got held up with a friend.

     What is really amazing is that me and Skylar didn't say anything.  Out of all of us, we are the two that let things slip.  Everybody went to the pool the next day, I had stuff to do around the house so I stayed home.  I knew if I went I would spoil the suprise.  Amanda and Bethany had to catch themselves a few times so I know I would have done it!

     Anyway, I hope she had a great birthday!  We could have made it a little easier and told dad what we were doing, but his birthday is next month, so it was for him too!  It was crazy, but anytime we are all together it is fun!  Tiring, but fun.  Hectic, but fun.  Chaotic, but fun.  Loud, but fun.  It is always all those things, and always FUN!

We couldn't wait for her to open it!

 I think Sadie was even shocked we pulled it off!

All the kids couldn't wait to show her where they were and tell them what happened while we were trying to get the picture made.

                 She LOVED it!

Mama blowing out her candles.

    Harrison's turn!

I hope Bethany got a better shot!  Miss Ella was DONE with pictures.  This was hard in mama's house with
extra adults.  Can you imagine us at Picture People?  Mama's first question was, "What did they say when they saw all of y'all coming in?"

Fun day!

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