Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Is The Bachelorette Thinking?


     Okay, I have felt sorry for Ashley on past episodes because she didn't know the whole Bentley situation.  Now, I don't have any sympathy left for her.

     Again, with the dumb group dates.  How did Lucas and Ames end up with their outfits?  I must have missed something.  That was an odd group date and she was shocked things were awkward later that night? 

     JP really annoys me.  The way he got so upset and pouty was very immature and irritating.  I mean, he does know she is dating the other guys there right?  I think, by the way he acted, he is probably very controlling and jealous.  Ashley is not a good judge of character AT ALL.  He whined to her, while the veins were popping out of both sides of his head, until he got the rose.  Congratulations, you got the pity rose.  I don't know what she is thinking.  She gave him the rose instead of Lucas or Ames, both really nice, genuine guys.  I don't think she wants anybody that is going to treat her right.

     I was glad she sent Ryan home.  He isn't nearly as irritating to me as JP, but he has way too much energy.  Me and Sydney couldn't stop laughing at his little breakdown in the bushes after Ashley sent him home.  I am sure he really appreciates the cameras still rolling for that.  He seemed way too anxious.

     I like Constantine.  I can't wait to see the home date!  It will be fun to see what part of our area is shown.  He is being really smart.  He has opened up to Ashley, but he is making her work a little for him.  He clearly is moving a little slower and doesn't seem so anxious.  He is playing hard to get just enough that he is keeping her interested.

     Ben seems like a really nice, sincere guy too.  He is a good sport.  When Ryan got his one on one date, Ben seemed happy for him and even told him congratulations.  Only on this show would a guy congratulate another guy on taking the girl he is also dating out on a date.  When you say it like that it is really odd, isn't it?  JP was chomping at the bits when he realized Ben hadn't come home from his one on one.  One of the other guys tried to talk to him and he let him know he didn't want to talk about it.  Why does he get to be more upset than the other guy?  They are talking about the same girl.  How is one guy supposed to make the other feel better about the girl they are both dating? 

     I love this show, but when you say some things out loud it sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?  Maybe next week she will see through JP.  I am not betting on it, but I guess it is possible.  She got really upset when Lucas left.  I don't know why it bothered her that he had been married.  At least she knew he was serious about marriage and would committ.  I think she knew she made a mistake sending him home.  She should have sent JP home.  I am hoping he will show his true side on the home date.

     For some reason, my dvr stopped taping after the rose ceremony and we missed the last part with Emily.  I am hoping my mom taped it, or maybe I can watch it online.  If not, one of you will have to fill me in!

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