Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to School

     The great thing about starting school on a Thursday?  You get what feels like a Monday and Friday back to back!  It also will help start off the next week, a full week, a little more settled and in routine. 

     Do you remember a TV show, it may have been a cable show, called "Dream On"?  The main character, Martin Tupper, would relate almost everything he was thinking to a TV show or movie?  I think Courtney Cox was on an episode and the creators of the show later did "Friends".  It was really funny.  I kind of feel like Martin.  I watch so much TV and movies I relate things to something I have seen.


     When the kids have to go back to school I always think of the song in Grease 2.  Do you know what I am talking about?

I think I may have seen this movie at least 1,000 times.  The boy at the end, jumping into the window, always cracks me up.  Probably because I was always late in high school.                                                                

We haven't had a real laid back summer so at least the kids were used to getting up early and not in the sleep til noon routine we sometimes get into in the summer.  They were glad to see all of their friends.  They made so many plans at the end of last school year to see everyone over the summer and, like always, it mostly never happens.  I am looking forward to this year too.  Me and the kids have had a lot going on, personally, for too long and we all are in a good, relaxed place right now.  We have our unnecessary drama behind us and it is such a good feeling to FINALLY feel like we have moved on.  Now, we can just concentrate on good times ahead, and, oh yeah, homework!  In the words of one of my kids, "school would be great if we didn't have any work!"                                                                                                                           

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