Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Explain Bachelor Pad's Ending To Me???????

     Is it just me or is anybody else confused about the way Bachelor Pad ended?  It usually shows the person leaving and reactions.  This show just ended with a name.  I guess it is supposed to be a cliffhanger.  Maybe Kasey's name will be followed by......will be leaving us tonight.  If not, it is strange they didn't show Jake's exit.  His last words were he was going to take others down with him if he was voted off.  Surely if he pulled out a gun we would have heard about it by now!

     And what was the deal with Batman in the pool?  Are they going to add more people to the house or was that just a random clip.  I don't know.  I am really confused.  Maybe you can tell me what you think.

     If Jake is gone, they all better split Kasey and Vienna up as soon as they can.  I am putting my bet on Graham and Michele right now.  They are not focused on a whole lot and I think she is watching and taking everything in.  Ella would be strong just because she is a determined single mom and they shouldn't be underestimated, but she is kind of on her own.  But, it could help her that she isn't hooked up with anybody.  I just don't know if she is sneaky and manipulating enough to win.  This show is hard to figure out because of the lying and game playing. 

     The only things that didn't take a rocket science to figure out was for one, Kasey really shouldn't sing to anymore girls, and two I think Vienna pretty much told him she wasn't even thinking about being engaged to him.  She is playing him like a fool!  I think she panicked for a minute thinking he might propose.

     I don't get Jake either.  I haven't really liked him since he came back on Jillian's season and ratted out Wes.  Whether Wes was playing her or not, I didn't think it was up to him to come back and tell her.  I have felt like he is probably a controlling jerk, not just from what I have read, just from my experience I got that feeling from watching him.  It makes me wonder, though, if he came on the show just to better his reputation.  Vienna is clearly nutty, but I have never thought Jake was as nice as he came across.  Maybe he is nicer and his purpose for being there is to let everybody see that.  Although I am not buying it...................yet!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I was totally confused and ticked off! I think I'm going cheat & check out realitysteve.com to see if he knows what's up.

April said...

If you find out, let me know! I was mad too! I don't know if something happened they couldn't show or they are just messing with us. Maybe we can find out!