Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Knew It

     I knew Ashley was going to pick JP, I just kept thinking maybe I would be wrong.  Poor Ben.  He is better off, but he really got his heart broken.  I don't blame him for walking off.  I have always wondered why they don't just walk away as soon as they find out it isn't them.

     I mentioned Ashley's sister a couple of weeks ago.  This is why I shouldn't judge a book by its cover.  She had a lot more sense than Ashley.  She tried to tell her, but just like being warned about Bentley, it sent Ashley straight to him.  Not only is Chrystie her sister, but being divorced she had some insight that Ashley might not know to look at since she hasn't been married.  But, I am divorced too and have way better judgment for other people than for myself.  I can always read other people's relationships and be right on, but I have never been good at my own!

     I seriously doubt Ashley and JP will still be together this time next year.  I will be suprised if they make it through the holidays.  It really isn't any of my business, but I have invested a lot of time into this show.

     I am really shocked at the outcome.  During this last episode, she did several things that made me think she just might pick Ben.  She acted more relaxed with Ben.  When Ben said he loved her she kissed him, but when JP said it she kissed him on the cheek first.  It appeared that she spent 3 nights with Ben over the show.  Either editing is to blame or I can really see why Ben was so confident and didn't expect the outcome.

     I guess now it is on to the "Bachelor Pad".  It was good last time.  They pull out most of the drama causing contestants and put them on there.  It should be good this time too.  I definitely think I watch way too much TV, but I love reality shows!  I remember my mom always had certain shows she watched while I was growing up.  My reality shows are to me what "Dallas", "Knots Landing", and "Dynasty" used to be to her!  Shows sure have changed.  There's no telling what Sydney will watch when she has kids.  It still amazes me that there are TVs while you pump gas.  I guess they are trying to distract us from how much gas costs, but I am wondering the whole time how much it costs to have TVs at each pump.

     What do you think about Ashley's choice?

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