Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last First Day of School

     Well, I got the kids back in school this morning.  I realized when I told Sydney to have a good first day, it is her last first day of school.  She is really excited about her senior year, though.  I am exhausted from getting them ready all week.  I am always afraid of oversleeping the first day.  It's bad enough when you do it during the year, but it would be completely embarrassing to do it the first day!  I kept waking up during the night making sure what time it was, so I feel like I didn't sleep much at all.

     I love that their school starts on a Thursday.  It gets them back in and a little settled before the first full week.  That first week is really hard and they are so worn out by Friday.  The boys playing football is going to make for a really busy schedule.  They both are having a really good time playing and I can't wait for games to start, but this heat is awful.  It is scary hot.  It is so easy to get dehydrated in this heat.  It is especially hot, but wearing all that gear makes it even hotter.  When they get home their clothes are soaking wet. It is like they jumped in a pool with their clothes on.  All kids playing any kind of outdoor sports needs to be really careful and make sure they are hydrated.  My cousin that is a sophomore at the kids school plays softball and she had an asthma attack the other day while practicing.  The air quality can really mess with you if you have any issues with asthma. 

     I found a few links I read to make me a little more aware of what I need to do or look for while my kids are out in this heat.  The first is an article, "15 States Under Heat Wave Advisory".
     The next three are about dehydration.  They are from,, and

     I am diabetic and will be outside a lot watching practices and games so the last one is information on diabetes and heat exhaustion.

I love watching the kids play any kind of sport.  I am shocked to hear myself say I am looking forward to watching football, but I am!  Hopefully, the information above will help me keep the kids and myself safe so we can enjoy our time outside.

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