Friday, August 19, 2011

Mission Accomplished....sort of

     Well, we had a really fun Friday night!  We went to the first Varsity football game, but we didn't get to see much of it.  We went with some of Sydney's friends and we had three cars and the leading one had GPS.  Funny thing about GPS, sometimes it takes you the round about way.  We ended up at the away game, coming from a different direction, and were a little late.  Then, it started lightning so the game was delayed.  Rather than take our chances with lightning, we went home.

     BUT............................our main mission for the night was accomplished!

     You know how I love my reality shows?  I talked about Constantine from the Bachelorette and how his hometown is next to mine and his family owns a restaurant there.  Well, guess where we had dinner!  Sydney and 5 of her friends got to meet Constantine!  I am going to act mature and seem like it was all them and I wasn't into it at all, but I was a little giggly myself!  Shane and Stratton had to come along, but having dinner with 5 of Sydney's friends was their fun part of the dinner.  (They love her friends.) 

     I felt bad that the girls got to do what they wanted to and then we finally got the boys to the game and they didn't get to stay long, but did I mention they got to have dinner with 5 older, pretty girls?

     Constantine was really sweet to the girls and even made a picture with all of them.  It looks like the show has helped business.  We weren't the only ones there to see him and get a picture!  The food was good, but who am I kidding?  I don't think any of us remember what we had!

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