Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh, My Hip!

     I started physical therapy this week and OUCH!  I didn't have it after surgery on my neck because I had been through it so many times I knew all the exercises and what to do when.  I haven't ever had it on my low back so I thought I needed it.  I still do think that, but No Pain No Gain keeps running through my head right now.  My body really needs to get the memo that I am not 80.

     My grandfather, Tom Ed, always complained with his hip.  He played golf for years and had injuries to his hip that would flare up from time to time.  I used to tease him about it, but I have sounded like him all morning not meaning to!  I think he is up there in heaven paying me back!  He was such a jokester he would do that.  He would go to any lengths to tease you. 

     Have you seen that show on Friday nights "What Would You Do?"  He would have been the actor testing people to see what they would do in certain situations.  I shouldn't say this on here, but my boys thought it was just WAY TOO funny when he did this.  He loved to get in an elevator and use one of those fart machines.  He would have it in his pocket and hit it just to see what everyone would do.  He even used it a couple of times in the doctor's office.  That's one of those things I probably should have kept in the family closet, but it is kind of funny.  I always thought maybe he should have been a psychologist.  He loved reading people and seeing how they would react but he was also very gentle and caring and would do absolutely anything to help somebody in need.  If he ever met somebody having a hard time he would personally do what he could to help them.  He was known for his generosity and his sense of humor.  I miss him a lot and I feel bad for teasing him about his hip, especially today.  Maybe he did all those crazy things to give us all so many memories so that he wouldn't be forgotten.  That will never happen!  I have a feeling he is making sure of that!

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