Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sadie and Ella

     Last week, when I wrote about the book I am reading, The Chrisitan Atheist, I talked about the blessings of my nieces being born close together in the post.  All of our kids are such blessings.   Sadie and Ella were outside yesterday and I was thinking about them this morning and wanted to write about them.

     They are so funny.  They are really different.  Sadie is my sister's fourth child and she is a tough little thing.  She is used to the older kids and she is very independent and can definitely take care of herself.  Ella is very gentle and soft.  Her 8 year old twin brothers worship her!  When she was born, I remember Tyler just sitting at the cradle looking at her.  They are very protective and so she is really dainty.  Sadie having a younger sibling is also a caretaker.  She looks over Samuel and likes to hold him.  For a second.  You put him on her lap and in about 1/2 a second she looks at you and says, "Get it!"  He is almost as big as she is!

     These two girls are so cute when they are together.  They both have birthdays coming up in the next few weeks and it is so hard to believe they are going to be 2!  When I look at them, it is almost like seeing two little old ladies in the making.  There is something about the way they communicate with each other and their old fashioned names that just makes me think of 2 little old ladies that are the best of friends.  I would really like to know what they are saying to each other sometimes.  It is like they have their own  secret language.

 I had these pictures of the two of them and wanted to show them.  So Cute!


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