Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday Night Just Got Better

     Sunday night might just be my favorite night for TV.   I love "Desperate Housewives" but while it isn't on right now, there are other great shows to watch.  Generally, Sunday night is no fun.  The weekend is over and it is back to routine.  The shows starting at 8:00 in order are Jerseylicious, Big Rich Texas, and The Marriage Ref.  Jerseylicious and Big Rich Texas are on Style Network and The Marriage Ref is on NBC. 

     I love the show, Jerseylicious.  Last night was the funniest episode ever!  Tracey is really annoying, but last night she was funny annoying.  Her grandmother was in a pageant for senior women and she and Olivia did hair and makeup for the contestants.  Those two can find anything to fight about.  By the way, I love the idea of pageants for older women.  It is a whole new level of competition because when you are older you know who you are, you are more confident, and you carry yourself completely different than when you were younger.  I have a clip of the argument, but couldn't find the end of the argument where Olivia criticizes Tracey's boots and how they are too small.  The show is really entertaining, but it was especially so last night.  I may be able to find more clips later and if so, I will add them in and let you know.  If you haven't seen it, it is a lot of fun to watch.  I am also amazed at what they wear.  Since I make jewelry, I am always looking at what women are wearing and what the newest styles are.  When you watch the clip, notice Olivia's tape cassette necklace and in her interview the earrings that look like a necklace.  Yeah, I said that right.  Maybe it was Rihanna that started the look, but it is chain coming from the ear lobe and connecting to the other ear looking like a necklace. Unless either of those looks suddenly become crazy popular I won't be making them. I don't think anyone where I live would like to buy either look.  I am not sure where to find a tape cassette anyway!  This episode will be coming back on today at 5pm and 1am, Tuesday 3pm,  Wednesday 11am and midnight, Thursday 10pm, Saturday 1pm and midnight, and Sunday 8am.  I found the schedule online and you can click here to find other episodes you didn't see, but I can tell you this is the best one!



      The next show is Big Rich Texas.  It is about women who belong to a country club and for the most part are just snobby.  One of the ladies, Pam, thinks she owns the club and tells everybody else what they can and can't do.  It's funny because her own daughter,Hannah, likes to break rules.  There are two more women, Connie and Melissa, and they really aren't annoying and quite as snobby and neither are their daughters Grace and Maddie.  Then there are the mother and daughter, Bonnie and Whitney, who are the club tramps. They are funny to me because they just don't care what others think.  There are times they should, but they are just what you see is what you get.  Then there's Leslie and Kalyn.  Kalyn is Leslie's god-daughter, but acts like her daughter except for the fact that she has a crush on Leslie's son.  Weird.  Leslie is into pageant coaching and she is really rude and obnoxious.  She makes this face that is irritating in itself, but especially so because she usually makes it right after saying something really snobby.  Her remarks are those that come across nice and then it takes you a minute to realize they are really critical.  This show is kind of like any of The Real Housewives.  Southern grace and hospitality kind of flew out the window, but the drama is what makes it fun to watch!

This is Leslie's expression, but it is much more exaggerated when she is being rude.


     The Marriage Ref was created by Jerry Seinfeld.  Couples come on the show to have a panel of 3 celebrities decide who is right in their argument.  At the end of the show the spouses that were voted right are voted on by the audience to see who is MOST right.  That winner gets $25,000 and a billboard in their town with their picture saying they are right.  Needless to say, most couples don't have a "real" argument.  I think they come on the show trying to have the best disagreement to see if they can win the $25,000.  What makes this show fun to watch is the comments from the celebrities.  Every week there are different celebrities and they are what makes it so entertaining.

     I know I should get help for all the TV I watch, but I think it is just too late for me.  I have always watched too much and I can't even go to sleep without the TV on.  The kids do entertain me, though.  They all 3 have really good senses of humor and if we ever get tickled about something, we laugh all night long.

     Stratton is just like my dad in general, but even more so when it comes to being aggravating.  He was in an aggravating mood all day yesterday and Shane warned him more than once that he was NOT in the mood to be messed with.  That just makes Stratton want to do it even more!  Last night, in the middle of being aggravating JUST ONE MORE TIME, he fell.  Well, I got two stories.  The one from him that he was pushed and the one from Shane that he fell.  Either way, I heard the thud then him saying "Ow!" over and over. I kept trying to make him get up.  He will act like he is hurt and I don't know at first if he is hurt or just playing.  Sydney thought it was REALLY funny.  Have you ever seen the youtube video of the lady stomping grapes at a nearby winery?  She was on the local news talking about an event and fell.  You couldn't see her, but all you heard was her saying "OW" many times.  Sydney started calling Stratton the grape lady and we were still laughing about it this morning!  I guess morning laughter is a good way to start a Monday.  Well, for everybody but Stratton!  (He's the comedian in the family so he usually doesn't mind being laughed at !  He had never seen the video and when Sydney showed it to him last night he realized just how funny what she was calling him was!)  I don't think he will be as aggravating today!

Here is the video of the grape lady if you haven't seen it!

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And I thought I was addicted to reality. I think you have me beat but I love my reality tv and I am not sure WHY!