Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Week's Bachelor Pad 2

     Is it just me or is Bachelor Pad a little slow going?  I was mad last week with the way it ended, but Chris Harrison said this week it would make sense.  It didn't though.  Jake left and it was pretty uneventful.  I guess I was expecting a fight, really harsh words, or something.  I have learned through experience sometimes body language can show you when someone is faking or lying.  I think when Jake talks out of the side of his mouth he isn't being real.  Which is most of the time.  I think he came on the show to help his reputation and maybe he isn't quite as big of a jerk as I thought, but I still don't trust him.  There is something about him that I have seen before in dishonesty, controlling, and being two people.

     They might as well all go home if they keep Vienna and Kasey much longer.  They needed to get Melissa out of there and I think karma got William voted off.  Did you see Melissa stirring that cup of yogurt (I think that is what it was)?  She had a little "psycho" moment.  Then, I am a germaphobe so I notice things like this, she put the spoon on the counter in something.  Was it the basket for the dishwasher sitting out or did she put it back where someone else could accidentally use it.  You know what?  It really doesn't matter because after all that disgusting kissing each other in the contest sharing a spoon would be less gross.  I think that contest is just sick.  I think more of Michelle for not being a part of it.  Or, maybe she was coming down with something and they wouldn't let her because then they would have to stop taping because EVERYONE in the house would be sick! 

     Ella has a son, but she knew she had to be a part of it to win the rose so she would be safe.  She is determined to win for her son and that makes her a very strong competitor.  It sounded like Michelle's voice at the end of the show.  I think she is on the show to get noticed and maybe get some kind of career out of it.  She does speak well.  So many times they have girls on there that are too old to be saying "like" every other word.  It is irritating enough to hear it from a teenager, but older girls are supposed to be smarter than that.

     This is what I think will happen, and it is just my opinion and may not be worth a lot, but I am good at reading people.  For other people, though, I am terrible at reading them for myself!  I think the last 4 will be Michelle, Graham, Ella, and Kurt.  By the way, I was hoping Ella would pick him for the date, they would be a good couple.  I think Vienna and Kasey will make it to the last 6, but then the other 4 will get them out of there.  It is kind of funny because Kasey thinks he is the boss and will just automatically win.  He hasn't even stopped to think that he is being played too.  I think there is a good chance Vienna and Kasey will go home next week.  If not, and to keep a little drama on the show a little longer, then it may be Erika and Blake.  Michael wants Blake out of the house and away from Holly.  Blake has burned bridges so I think Michael has more loyalty from the girls than Blake does.  These are the scenarios I see happening, but either way, I see Michelle, Graham, Ella, and Kurt at the end.  Then, my odds are on Ella and Kurt.

Scenario 1:                                                                            Scenario 2:

Order of being eliminated

Vienna and Kasey                                                              Erika and Blake
Erika and Blake                                                                 Vienna and Kasey
Holly and Michael                                                              Holly and Michael
Michelle and Graham                                                         Michelle and Graham

My prediction for last two:  Ella and Kurt

Who knows what will happen, but this is my opinion for right now.  What do you think?  Who do you think will go home next week?

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