Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Winners

     What about the Bachelor Pad 2 ending?  I don't feel like it was the best show anyway, but is it just me or has Chris Harrison turned into an ass?  He was always so nice and easy going, but what they did to poor Michael was just mean.  I do think it helped him win, though.

     He was completely suprised with Holly and Blake's engagement.  Oh.......before I forget.......what in the world happened with Ames and Jackie?  He wouldn't even look at her.  I like her, but I didn't think she was very pretty when she was on The Bachelor.  I have a feeling Ames has found himself a little hottie.  They seemed like such a good pair and their exit was the sweetest moment, even Chris Harrison admitted, on any of the shows.  Something happened.  Maybe it will be in OK, US Weekly, or Star magazines soon.  Because you know those people know everything and have ALL the facts straight. 

     Michael has a really good sense of humor.  He was practically begging for a commercial break after hearing about the engagement.  I really believe it made a difference in the votes, though.  Michelle and Graham played the game really smart and strategically.  They stayed out of drama and it helped them get to where they were.  What about Kasey and Vienna?  When Kasey apologized to Jake and they shook hands she looked like she could have killed him and he looked at her like, "ha ha, you should have been nicer to me".

     I DID NOT get the Vegas show at all.  It looked really wierd, and to be honest I couldn't tell who did a good job or not.  I think it was a really unfair way to send Ella and Kurt home.  It just didn't make any sense what they were doing and I would have been terrified too!

     I am really glad Ben is going to be the next Bachelor.  He seems like a really nice guy.  He can do a lot better than Ashley so maybe he will find someone who appreciates him this time.  I am glad Michael won, especially after being so embarrassed, but I was really pulling for him to hold up the "Keep" sign.  It really isn't fair because Holly will be sharing her half with Blake.  I don't think revenge is in Michael's character, but it would have served them right.  I don't know if Chris Harrison is trying to change his persona or if he is trying to improve ratings, but I am kind of interested in seeing how he acts for The Bachelor.  Maybe he isn't happy at home and it is getting to him being around all the fun and available pretty girls.  Well, shame on me, that is just how rumors get started isn't it!

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