Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Christian Atheist Chapter 10

     If you don't buy this book for any other reason, buy it, download it, and share with friends for pages 177-179.  It is a story about the author feeling God nudge him into giving an obviously needy woman $5.  He fought with his strong feeling/intuition, but after giving it to her she was so grateful.  She was a single mom who wanted to go to church that day.  She only had enough gas in her car to get to church, but not home.  She fought with herself whether she should go or not.  Her desire and intuition told her to put her son in the car and go even though she didn't know how to get home.  The author's $5 was just enough to get back home.  I always go with those deep, strong gut feelings.  When I have something that just keeps telling me to do something, I always do.  I used to let it go sometimes, but I always regretted it so now I always listen.  I think we are being told to do things whether we understand it at the time or not.
     I am so blessed.  I have a family that supports me and helps me take care of my kids and I know I can depend on them no matter what I need.  I feel guilty that I have them and there are so many women who are single moms and don't have family like I do to lean on.  I know that me and my kids won't be homeless, starve, or ever just be alone.  A lot of women don't have that security.  They are in their situation for many reasons and it is a scary place to be.

     We don't like to make money such a priority, but we have to feed our children.  Desperation is a real thing for a lot of people, especially with today's economy.  I have had my share of panic attacks.  It is a fact that I am my kids' only parent.  I will be responsible for them 100% physically, emotionally, and financially.  Even though I have my family, it is scary.  I don't like to worry whether they will get what they need or want.  It is hard today because we don't go into our backyards and have something growing to feed our family.  Years and years ago, people relied on the earth to provide while today we rely on Publix, Kroger, etc.  When I say my prayers at night I ask God to help me provide for my kids.  Through reading this book I have learned I was asking the wrong way.  Instead of asking God to help ME provide, I should have been asking HIM to provide.  It doesn't sound like much of a difference, but it is. 

     I also appreciated his story on page 192 about the lady in Honduras.  After his story he said "We Christian Atheists are slaves.  This Honduran woman is free."  If you don't have the book, he was there and went to this woman's home (which was more of a shack) to eat.  Worried about the safety of the food because of the conditions, he realized he was the only one with meat.  The woman knew he liked meat and saved up money she didn't hardly have to be able to serve him meat.   I also liked that he said most people who seem to have so little really have a lot and those that seem to have a lot really don't have much that really matters.  My favorite former Pastor used to say, "You can't take a U Haul to heaven."  That is so right.  We all look for security here and what we find here to make us feel safe isn't what we ultimately need.  I think the author's point is that if we have God, we are secure and we know what we have.  Any other material means is temporary and won't matter when we are gone. 

     I think everything we do here is a test.  God wants us to be good to each other.  I really think that is what matters most to Him.  I always use my kids as examples, but they make me proud all the time.  Some of the things that make me most proud are things they do for one another.  I think God feels that way about us.  He is proud when we are good to each other. 

     I have really learned a lot reading this book.  The last two chapters talk about believing in God, but not sharing your faith and believing in God, but not in His church.  I will do those last two next week to finish the book.  I hope you have read along and if you haven't, if you get a chance to get the book  I think you will really like it.  I don't think I did it justice on my discussions.  Also, it is my opinion.  Some chapters will speak to you more than they did me and you will learn your own lessons reading the book.  I am going to give my book to my parents, then my brother and sister to let them read it.  I don't know much about the author, but I think I would enjoy some of his other material.  What do you think?  Has any part of the discussion spoke to you?

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