Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Does Two and a Half Men Get Two and a Half Thumbs Up?

     Sorry about that title.  Honestly, I don't mean anything by the 1/2 thumb.  I probably should go back and change it before I am yelled at by all the woodworking and metals teachers out there that I may have offended.  When I was little, the street we lived on had a man who was always working on something and lost a finger.  He decided one Halloween to sit on his front porch and have a fake finger in a box claiming it to be the one he lost.  I have never forgotten that.  Really, though, I am not making fun of anybody.  And, I am not just apologizing to Karma so she won't get me, I really am sorry.  They are going to have to change the title soon anyway because Jake is as tall as the "men". 

     What did y'all think?  I can't believe they let him die?????  It was funny how they brought back so many people, especially the Dharma and Greg part, but why couldn't they have put him in rehab rather than kill him off?  Although, I guess if Charlie Sheen ever gets his act together they can do like they did on Dallas and have him show up while Alan is taking a shower. 

     I am not sure how funny Ashton Kutcher is going to be.  I know last night was the first episode, but he plays a much funnier character that is dumb than depressed.  He is known for being goofy, so I am not sure about the sad character.  Maybe it will pick up next week and he will be a little less intense.  I was also expecting a much better entrance to the show than his stalking, creepy way.  If it was rated on 5 thumbs being the best score, then that is where the Two and a Half Thumbs come in for me.

     I always loved how even though Charlie was always drunk, he still made more sense than Alan most of the time.  I am not sure how well the show will work if Alan is the voice of reason.  I have hope for the show even though I already miss Charlie Sheen.  Did you see him at the Emmy show?

     I think he somehow saw the first episode when he made that speech.  He has to know it will be hard to to top it without him.

     I love Ashton Kutcher, we have the same birthday (month and day, the year is a little different!), and I hope the season is great because I love the show.  I was a little disappointed, but I think it came from the crude way they treated Charlie's death.  The dust buster jokes were funny, but even though it went right along with the humor of the show, Charlie deserved better.  I just hope "Walden" (Kutcher) wakes up a little and takes more charge than Alan.  I am waiting too for Demi Moore to appear on an episode!  You know her or one of her girls will before long.

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