Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ella's Birthday!

     We had another birthday party this weekend!  My youngest niece, Ella, turned 2.  She had a Minnie Mouse themed party and my sister in law does great with decorations!

     I could try to sound really cool and say I go to a party all the time, nobody would have to know it is usually for my nieces and nephews!  To be honest, I would rather be around them on a sugar high running around than in some bars with drunk adults.  Isn't it weird how you change when you get older?  I think it may be my hormones too, but things can REALLY get on my nerves.  I think I have more patience with kids because they don't know any better.  There's nothing wrong with a party and letting off some steam, I used to have a lot of fun that way, but I treasure feeling good so much better now.  That definitely makes me sound old!  A hangover used to just be part of it, now I feel bad enough without adding to it.  Somebody tell me when I turned into an old lady! I turned into my grandfather about a year ago when every time I dance a little too much I complain the next day about my hip.

     I apologize to my sweet niece, Ella, for going way off the subject of her party.  (I think that is a sign of aging too!)  Look at these decorations.  My sister in law does a great job with parties!

The napkins even had mickey mouse ears on them!

The ice cream topping bar.

Look at the streamers hanging from the ceiling.

Ella's cake!

She was so cute trying to blow both candles out. 

She definitely enjoyed the cake.

I love this picture of her with my dad.                                                                                                      

Ella is really dainty and easy, so instead of the regular pinatas that you hit, she had one that had streamers at the bottom.  Everybody took a turn pulling the streamers to try to get the candy out.

Sadie, although she is pretty strong, wouldn't normally have a chance with the other pinata, but she was the one who pulled the right streamer for all the candy to fall out!

Ella's older brothers Timothy and Tyler are so sweet to her.  They are really protective and just love her.  Tyler helped give her all her presents, and only helped her when she needed it. 

Timothy helped her blow out the candles.  She is one lucky little girl.  Although, I pity any boy that ever tries to date her!

My brother's sweet, sweet family!  The twins tried to get here way too soon and we never take for granted what a true blessing they are.  They prayed for Ella for a long time and my sister in law, Bethany, uses the Bible verse 1 Samuel 1:27 for her all the time.  It says, "I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him."