Friday, September 30, 2011

Homecoming and Friday Night Football

     Today is Homecoming at our school.  It is always a big deal in every school around the country, but we have a lot of history and tradition with ours.  I think it makes it extra special for me, personally, because as I watch my kids enjoy all the festivities I remember all the things I did in the same high school at this time. 

     We have our parade that goes down Main Street.  This is a big tradition.  My great grandmother's house is still right near Main Street.  I remember when I was really little watching my Aunt Gina in HER senior year homecoming parade.  This is always a fun time and especially so for those around here who have so many memories tied to it.

     I have said before we are a little like Friday Night Lights around here.  We love our football and it isn't Friday night without it!  Both of my boys are playing and I am so suprised at how much I love watching it.  My older son plays on Thursday and my younger plays on Saturday, so we have 3 straight days of football. 

   It is a big part of our community, but it is kind of the glue that brings everyone together.  I love being in such a small town.  It is a lot bigger than it used to be, but that just means I have a lot more friends than I used to.  Some things have changed in the way of Homecoming from when I was in school, but it is still a really special time and it leaves every year with added memories and sometimes new traditions to fit the new generations.

     When I was in school, it was kind of a big deal for the girls riding in the parade to get a driver.  It was usually a football player and you never knew who would jump in and ride along at the last minute!  You wanted to get the best and "coolest" car so the best and "coolest" guys would want to drive you and ride along.  Some of that has changed and my daughter will have to settle for my dad or brother to drive her, but they will definitely make sure it is a memorable experience for her. 

     I have to go get some things done because it is a half day for the kids and I can't wait to see my daughter, son, niece, and 3 nephews in the parade this afternoon!  We have worked on signs, floats, and making sure we have plenty of candy to throw so I think we are all ready!  Then.............................Friday night football!

You have to watch this all the way through if you have never seen it from the movie Friday Night Lights.  It is so much more than just a game.


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