Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Newlywed Game Bachelor Pad Style

     Well, it is a tough world at Bachelor Pad 2 isn't it?  I knew Michael would do his best to get Blake out of the house.  What did you think about Holly's note to him when he left?  It has to be uncomfortable for anyone on this show or Bachelor and Bachelorette to watch episodes as they air.  I bet they don't know until they see it exactly what will be edited and what will be shown.

     If Holly and Michael ended up together, this replay can't help their relationship.  I also heard that Jackie and Ames had broken up by the time their exit was aired.  That is sad, I was pulling for those two.  I am really glad Ella and Kurt didn't go home.  Being a single mom, I am rooting for her. 

     I don't understand why Kasey and Vienna are so powerful and arrogant.  Did you see Vienna doing her rose dance/song, whatever that was?  I was hoping they would get voted off if Blake and Erika didn't.  All I know is they better get rid of those two next week.  It is funny though, because it is becoming really obvious Vienna is just using Kasey.  They were fighting in front of everyone pretty much because she didn't want to sleep with him.  They are just a gross couple. 

     Other than those two, I really like who is left.  I still believe it will get to Michelle and Graham and Ella and Kurt.  Michael and Holly are too much into their relationship to really play the game.  I feel bad for him.  She says he broke her heart, but doesn't she remember she broke up with him first?  I hope it is Vienna and Kasey who leave next, but gosh, Holly is really getting on my nerves crying.  She is so torn..........  If that is her only worry right now she should be thankful and wipe her eyes!  Michael probably wants her back because she is paying attention to someone else.  If there had been someone for him in the house, I don't think he would have cared so much.

     By the way...................that was great strategy by Michelle and Graham!  I was wondering how they were getting so many answers right.  That was a really smart move.  It was funny that Vienna and Kasey kept getting their answers wrong.  They should have had some kind of code like Michelle and Graham.  Ella is determined, but Michelle is playing really smart.  As long as it isn't Vienna and Kasey who win, I will be happy!

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