Monday, September 5, 2011

Sadie's Birthday!

     We had my niece Sadie's birthday party this weekend.  My poor sister.  She has just been throwing birthday party after birthday party!  She has a few months to rest before she starts up again.

     Sadie turned 2 last week.  She has watched her brothers and sister have a party so I think she was a little shocked and suprised this one was for her.  She is so funny.  All of our kids have such different personalities, even the twins are so different from each other.  Sadie is very independent, smart, and sweet.

     It is always a joke that my sister's kids have to warm up to me.  I think it is because from the moment they get here I am constantly in their face loving on them.  My youngest is almost 13, so I love it when we get new babies.  I stay in my nieces and nephews faces so much though that I am sure it gets on their nerves.  I know they all love me, but I have wanted that one that comes to me and wants me over anybody else.  Sadie is it!  She will come to me from her mama and daddy (that's a big deal) and she wants to stay at my house.  I am used to going into my brother or sister's house and their kids come running by me to get to my kids.  Not with Sadie.  She goes right to me.  She is so funny because she constantly says, "I go."  That means she wants to go to my house.  And......I know my house is fun because we have older toys, nothing is child proof, and I usually have some kind of candy for her, but I will pretend it is all because she wants to be with me.  About half way through her party she looked at me and said, "I go."  I kept trying to explain to her she couldn't go because it was HER party!  She just kept looking at me and repeating "I go."  I finally took her to my house to get my camera and then again later when everyone was gone.

     I have my own special relationship with all of my nieces and nephews.  I am sure it won't be long before Sadie gets into other things and leaves me in the dust, but for now I am going to love and treasure every single minute of it! 

This is her birthday cake.  My sister took a cake plate to the bakery and they made her cake from it.  It turned out just like the plates.  It was so pretty!

We call her Sadie Bug.  It's funny because that is what our aunt Gina was always, and still is, called.  She also looks a lot like my aunt Gina's baby pictures.

I think she was still suprised it was all for her.  Finally her turn!

My sister's sweet family!


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