Thursday, September 22, 2011

They Just Don't Know, Do They?

     Have you heard about the NASA satellite that is falling and could hit the earth?  NASA makes this huge satellite, makes the aircraft to take the satellite into space, leaves it there, monitors it, and they have no idea of where it will hit?????

     This is just another reason I think we shouldn't be messing around in space.  They can blame the holes in the ozone layer on my hairspray, but I think they have to put a pretty big hole into it every time a space shuttle goes through it.  Have you ever seen one take off?  I have a few times while in Daytona Beach.  We would stand on the beach and could see it from there.  You can even feel the sonic boom.  I don't completely understand the science part of what makes the sound, but I think it is kind of like busting a balloon.  Maybe the sound of busting through the ozone layer.  (I know that isn't what it is, but do we know for sure?????)

     They thought this thing was going to hit Friday or Saturday, but now they are saying it could happen tonight.  They are just full of helpful information.  Not only are they completely confused about when it will hit, but also the size.  I love how the news guy said, "As it comes barreling back down to the earth it can be anywhere from 1pound to 350 pounds."  It is also the size of a school bus.     ??????     It is being a little downplayed, but I am guessing somebody is going to be impacted if a "school bus size" satellite hits them, their house, car, dog, or anything.  It is also supposed to break apart into pieces, but they really don't know anything for sure do they?

     This is the video of what I watched this morning.  They have a "command center" watching the falling satellite around the clock.  There is a room full of people and their computers, but watch the video, none of them are doing anything!  They are sitting back and you can tell they are just staring at the screen.  Maybe they went and grabbed anybody standing around to fill up the room so it will look like they are busy monitoring the fall.  I think one lady is on facebook.  (Just kidding)  They have no idea what this thing is going to do.  I would feel better if they at least looked like they were watching and trying to figure it out.

     Look at the "analysis" of where it might hit.  But, "it isn't an exact science" and could shift and end up anywhere.  Like maybe the other half of the earth that isn't in the "squiggly lines".  Right now, they are thinking Australia, but it could hit the eastern part of the United States.  My goodness, when did Australia get so close to us?  My 4 year old nephew could have made that prediction.

     You have to watch the whole video to see the interview of the only person ever hit by a piece of rocket.  Thank goodness for her interview.  That is the only useful information I got from the segment.  She said she was out walking and she heard something that sounded metallic.  Her best advice was, "To be outside, if you see it coming, run...umhmmm." 

     Thank you so much, Good Morning America and Lottie Williams!

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