Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!!

     Well, Halloween is here and I am still not ready.  I have completely let myself down, but I am still not feeling too well, so I am going to just let it go.  Although, to make up for it, I may start decorating next August when the kids go back to school!

     The kids had plans with their friends and since we are only on one street, we don't get many trick or treaters.  This is the first time since I have been a mom I haven't handed out candy.  I am still coughing my head off so I am not sure who would want candy from me anyway.  I put a sign on the end of my driveway to let the very few we have that I am not handing out candy.  We don't get many, but we have a really long and steep driveway so I want to spare the handful who will walk up the driveway just to see.

     My kids laughed at my sign.  We have a lot of spanish speaking people in our community and I wanted to clear up any confusion.

We found this costume one day when we were out playing around and looking at the Halloween store.

I told him the props were inappropriate and should be put away, but I have to be honest, they made the costume.  I just didn't like knowing that was my 15 year old son with those in his hands!

I made this necklace for Sydney.

My three babies.  Carrying on the tradition for their mama!  I know they think they are too old to dress up, but I like to think I have instilled a love for Halloween in them.  They have made me proud!

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Sister's Birthday

     I want to wish my sister, Amanda, a very Happy Birthday!  She is my little sister and I don't have enough room on this blog to tell her how much I love her.  We have always been so close and she is always there for me.  We had such a good time growing up together, but I think we are having more fun now that we are older. 

     We are so blessed to be able to live next door to each other.  Not only do I get to see her all the time, but we are a huge part of each other's kids' lives.  I love her kids like they are mine and I know she is just as close to my kids.  It is always funny to see her in my kids and me in hers.  Although, she kind of got the short end of that stick because when her kids are acting like me she usually calls me and tells me to come get them for a while! 

     We are almost 3 years apart so we were usually into the same things growing up.  High school was fun because we shared a lot of friends and memories.  Luckily, we never shared boyfriends though!  She has practically been with her husband her whole life so fighting over boys wasn't an issue.  He has always been like my brother. 

     I appreciate so many things about my sister, but to say she is a good mom is such an understatement.  I know that is the best compliment I can give her because that is what means the most to her.  I have so many stories that would completely embarrass her, but since it is her birthday, I will give her a break.  She has always been so much fun and doesn't give a lick about what she does or says.  She would do or say whatever she wanted to growing up and it was usually hysterical.

     She's the one that will just do something crazy like start dancing if the room gets too quiet.  She was always doing things in church to get me to laugh.  She was always the sneaky one that did something to get me in trouble and then she would look like an angel.  She still does the funniest things.  My kids love being around her because she is so carefree and fun.  Her daughter, Skylar, is like her in that way.  We go to the football games at the high school sometimes and Skylar likes to sit right next to the band.  And.....she loves to just break out in a dance when they play a song she likes.  Completely embarrasses her older brother Walt!  I know how he feels!  Amanda would do the same thing to me!

This is a picture of her with her youngest, Samuel, and her cousin Donald that Samuel is named after (Samuel Donald).  Technically he is our cousin, but he is so much more than that to us. She was so close to Donald's mother and she absolutely adored Amanda.  She was our aunt by marriage, but she couldn't have loved Amanda more if she had been her blood aunt.  She spent a lot of time with her when we were little.  Amanda would always tease me because since I was the first grandchild on both sides she always said I was the grandparents' favorite.  We would go stay with our aunt and it was clear who her favorite was!  And, Amanda loved it!  They had a really special relationship and Amanda was heartbroken when she passed away.  I think she may have been around 9 or so when she lost her and it was really hard for her.  I can still remember her being so grown up and going to the funeral home.  I was a chicken and couldn't go in, but Amanda would have never let Fanny down.  She has an extra special relationship with Donald because of the time she spent at their house and he knew how much his mom loved her.  He is also Amanda's godfather.

Happy Birthday, Amanda!  We are getting older, but that just means every year we grow closer and closer!  I love you very much!

(Skylar prepared a little rap for Amanda.  I need to see if I can get her to do it and video it for on here.  It was so funny.  One part went kind of like this,  "Happy Birthday, Mom    Your're 58.  Oh, wait, no you are 38."  It was so much like something Amanda would have done to our mom!)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Almost Halloween!

     I can't believe Halloween is a few days away and I have nothing to show for it in my house!  I always have everything decorated and scary stuff on my porch.  I have an entire room in my basement full of Halloween decorations.  I shouldn't tell this, but I have way more Halloween decorations than Christmas.

     I have always loved Halloween.  I think it is because once it comes around, Thanksgiving and Christmas follow right behind it.  A lot closer now that I am an adult than it did when I was a kid.  I don't want to even talk about Christmas shopping.  Every year I get closer and closer to the last minute.  Some people like it that way.  They think it is part of the Christmas spirit to shop near the end, but I am way too much of a nervous and anxious person to enjoy waiting and hoping I find what I need.  Also, since I practically have no immune system left it is best for me to stay away from crowded malls if I want to be with family on Christmas.

     I enjoyed decorating every room in my house for Halloween before I had all my nieces and nephews.  My kids enjoy the decorations, but they have grown up with them.  I have one nephew, Tyler, that absolutely loves all my stuff, but the rest won't come over until I take them all down.  My oldest nephew, Walt, hates all of it.  He hates one thing I used to put on my porch more than the rest.  It is a really creepy little demon looking boy with overalls.  You sit him on the porch and it has a motion detector and when you walk by its head rotates all the way around making a creaking noise and then he has this evil laugh at the end.  Walt won't come anywhere near it.  The last year I had it out he went to school and told his teacher his aunt had a "crackhead" on her porch so that was pretty much the end of that. 

     Me and Sydney are way too into the Twilight series.  Two years ago, I got several life size characters from the movie and put them in the windows.  They looked pretty good from the road.  It really looked like they were standing in the windows looking out.  BUT..... now we have all these life size characters that just look stupid the rest of the year. 

     I don't even have a pumpkin out.  Anybody that knows me well knows that is just not like me at all.  In my defense, I have been fighting bronchitis the whole month and got my rear end kicked with it this last week so between that and both boys playing football, Halloween has just not been my top priority this year.  That, and I like having my nieces and nephews over at my house.  I had my decorations in my garage last year trying to see what I wanted to use and put back in the basement.  My brother in law, Harrison, drove up the driveway in their golf cart, let Skylar out, and started going back down the driveway.  I think she almost out ran the golf cart trying to get away from my garage.  Tyler is the only one that appreciates my stuff.  He can remember from year to year what I have and where I put it.  He isn't scared of any of it.

     My youngest, Stratton, has football play offs this weekend, but maybe we can at least fit in a scary movie.  We have to do something or I am going to have to wait a whole year for Halloween to roll back around.  I do wish I knew how to do this light show.  I would love to have it on my house!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Modern Family Is The Best Show On TV


     I have admitted many times I am addicted to TV.  I even sleep with mine on and the second it "goes to sleep" I wake up.  Some people have to have the room completely dark and quiet, but I hear every noise if there is total silence.  I am clumsy enough with light, so I have to keep some on in case I get up in the middle of the night or I am sure I would hurt myself.  Then, it would be dark and the kids couldn't find me!

     I love all kinds of TV.  There are some really good new shows, but I haven't gotten started with some of them because our nights are usually crazy and I got tired of recording things only for them to get bumped off for the space for my boys to record ANYTHING having to do with football.  Me and Sydney will record something, finally have time to watch it only to browse our recordings and find it missing, but, oh, there is plenty of football for us to watch!

     Modern Family has to be the best and funniest show on TV right now.  It has to make a connection with every family that watches it.  I talk about my family a lot on here, but my definition of family is the people around you that love you unconditionally and are there for you no matter what.  My family consists of a few adults and alot more kids, but family can mean many different things.  Any time you have a group of people that share the same values and make each other a priority you have a family.  This show expresses that idea in such a good way.  It is really funny and normal.  They have three households with different situations, but in the end, they are family and there for each other.  I don't know which of the three groups is more funny.  The dad, Phil, is hysterical.  Last night when he accidentally hit his son it looked just like something my brother-in-law Harrison would do.  We had a big snow this past winter and he decided to make a ramp for the kids to sled down.  Well, he underestimated how little my 4 year old nephew weighs and he was airborne for a good 2 seconds.  My sister, Amanda, can remind me of Claire at times. She started tapping on the window to let him know she was watching. I think any time you relate to a show it makes it much more enjoyable.  This show is relatable in SO many ways.

Here are a few pictures from "the ramp".

Phil  Harrison working on the ramp.

Tyler, Timothy, Shane, and Ty after their turn.

In this picture, I am pretty sure Macalister is cutting his eyes in the direction of the big window Claire Amanda was watching from.

  Last night's episode was particulary funny.  If you didn't see it, or if your recordings get bumped for football you can click here and watch the full episode.  What do you think is the best show on TV?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Brought The Brownies?

     Some news articles seem too funny to be real.  Have you seen this? This is one of them.  The article is:

Seniors Sickened by Pot Brownies at Funeral

Three Huntington Beach, Calif., senior citizens were hospitalized Saturday after they were fed pot brownies at a memorial service for their friend.
Two Huntington Beach and Newport Beach women, both 71, and an 82-year-old man ended up in the emergency room at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach Saturday night with “nausea, dizziness and [an] inability to stand unassisted,” according to a report on the Huntington Beach Police Department’s Facebook page.
According to the report, a tray of brownies with medicinal marijuana was served during the ceremony, but no one was aware of the added ingredient.
“Our understanding is the person who passed away consumed brownies with medical marijuana in them, and apparently somebody put out a tray maybe in honor or tribute to that person, but didn’t tell everybody what was in them. And people were consuming the brownies without knowing they had the marijuana in them,” Lt. Russell Reinhart of the Huntington Beach Police told ABC News affiliate  KABC in Los Angeles.
All three people have since been treated and released.

     What is our world coming to?????  I love how the article from KABC said, "Police say the seniors complained of nausea and dizziness. They also had trouble standing."  Really??  I can't imagine why they couldn't stand on their own.

     What about the rest of the people at the funeral who ate them?  Did they have a case of the giggles as those poor 3 people were taken to the hospital? 

     That was really dangerous to serve the brownies without telling anyone.  There is no telling what kind of medications the three who got sick were on and it could have been really bad.  I am sure they were very scared.  I am a little confused why the brownies were sitting out in the first place.  Unless it was after and the plate was there with other food, why would you have a plate of brownies out at a funeral anyway?

     Can't you just see this as a movie, though?  Except instead of being taken to the hospital, the three hop in a car and go to Vegas or something.  They get into all kinds of trouble.  It is a cross between Cocoon and The Hangover.  Or maybe they wake up somewhere bizarre like a strip club or in a hot tub and have no memory of how they got there. Maybe it is like Weekend at Bernie's and they take their deceased friend with them. I shouldn't find this funny, one of them could have gotten really sick or even fell, but it had to be a little humorous..........for everyone else!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who Would Have Thunk It?

     This is the worst time of the year for me with my allergies.  We had a lot of fun last weekend, but the wind whipping around everything that doesn't agree with me made for a sick feeling girl the first of this week.  My allergies can make me feel worse than any infection or bug.  BUT, I do feel a little better and am so, so, so (can't say it enough) glad we have a 4 day weekend!  I am hoping we will get some rest and have some fun.

     I have said before and I will say it again, I can not believe how into football I am.  Like any mom, I enjoy watching my kids play any sports, but I am very pleasantly suprised at how much I enjoy watching football.  I used to think it was a dumb sport.  I think I thought that because I didn't get it.  I am still looking for the Football for Dummies book, but I have learned a lot.  I still believe hunting is a stupid sport, anything you participate in where you wear camo AND neon just doesn't make sense, but maybe I haven't given it a fair shot. (no pun intended!)  Maybe if I could "hunt down" what I would really like to I would enjoy that sport too, but I don't think there will ever be an Open Season for what I would like to see suffer.  I apologize for that, it must be all the antihistamines.  No, I think he deserved it.

     What has suprised me the most about the sport of football is the discipline and so many other things my boys are getting from the sport and being on the team.  They are around some really great men and are learning a lot more than just how to play the sport.  I love that.  It is a lot of hard work and I don't see my boys like I am used to, but I am so thankful they are involved in it and absolutely love it.  The season goes too fast.  I am going to miss their games when it is over and I really can't believe I just said that!  The good thing about where we are from is that they don't give you much time to miss it.  Especially the older boys.

     This sounds like me trying to explain football!  So funny!