Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Almost Halloween!

     I can't believe Halloween is a few days away and I have nothing to show for it in my house!  I always have everything decorated and scary stuff on my porch.  I have an entire room in my basement full of Halloween decorations.  I shouldn't tell this, but I have way more Halloween decorations than Christmas.

     I have always loved Halloween.  I think it is because once it comes around, Thanksgiving and Christmas follow right behind it.  A lot closer now that I am an adult than it did when I was a kid.  I don't want to even talk about Christmas shopping.  Every year I get closer and closer to the last minute.  Some people like it that way.  They think it is part of the Christmas spirit to shop near the end, but I am way too much of a nervous and anxious person to enjoy waiting and hoping I find what I need.  Also, since I practically have no immune system left it is best for me to stay away from crowded malls if I want to be with family on Christmas.

     I enjoyed decorating every room in my house for Halloween before I had all my nieces and nephews.  My kids enjoy the decorations, but they have grown up with them.  I have one nephew, Tyler, that absolutely loves all my stuff, but the rest won't come over until I take them all down.  My oldest nephew, Walt, hates all of it.  He hates one thing I used to put on my porch more than the rest.  It is a really creepy little demon looking boy with overalls.  You sit him on the porch and it has a motion detector and when you walk by its head rotates all the way around making a creaking noise and then he has this evil laugh at the end.  Walt won't come anywhere near it.  The last year I had it out he went to school and told his teacher his aunt had a "crackhead" on her porch so that was pretty much the end of that. 

     Me and Sydney are way too into the Twilight series.  Two years ago, I got several life size characters from the movie and put them in the windows.  They looked pretty good from the road.  It really looked like they were standing in the windows looking out.  BUT..... now we have all these life size characters that just look stupid the rest of the year. 

     I don't even have a pumpkin out.  Anybody that knows me well knows that is just not like me at all.  In my defense, I have been fighting bronchitis the whole month and got my rear end kicked with it this last week so between that and both boys playing football, Halloween has just not been my top priority this year.  That, and I like having my nieces and nephews over at my house.  I had my decorations in my garage last year trying to see what I wanted to use and put back in the basement.  My brother in law, Harrison, drove up the driveway in their golf cart, let Skylar out, and started going back down the driveway.  I think she almost out ran the golf cart trying to get away from my garage.  Tyler is the only one that appreciates my stuff.  He can remember from year to year what I have and where I put it.  He isn't scared of any of it.

     My youngest, Stratton, has football play offs this weekend, but maybe we can at least fit in a scary movie.  We have to do something or I am going to have to wait a whole year for Halloween to roll back around.  I do wish I knew how to do this light show.  I would love to have it on my house!

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