Thursday, October 13, 2011

Modern Family Is The Best Show On TV


     I have admitted many times I am addicted to TV.  I even sleep with mine on and the second it "goes to sleep" I wake up.  Some people have to have the room completely dark and quiet, but I hear every noise if there is total silence.  I am clumsy enough with light, so I have to keep some on in case I get up in the middle of the night or I am sure I would hurt myself.  Then, it would be dark and the kids couldn't find me!

     I love all kinds of TV.  There are some really good new shows, but I haven't gotten started with some of them because our nights are usually crazy and I got tired of recording things only for them to get bumped off for the space for my boys to record ANYTHING having to do with football.  Me and Sydney will record something, finally have time to watch it only to browse our recordings and find it missing, but, oh, there is plenty of football for us to watch!

     Modern Family has to be the best and funniest show on TV right now.  It has to make a connection with every family that watches it.  I talk about my family a lot on here, but my definition of family is the people around you that love you unconditionally and are there for you no matter what.  My family consists of a few adults and alot more kids, but family can mean many different things.  Any time you have a group of people that share the same values and make each other a priority you have a family.  This show expresses that idea in such a good way.  It is really funny and normal.  They have three households with different situations, but in the end, they are family and there for each other.  I don't know which of the three groups is more funny.  The dad, Phil, is hysterical.  Last night when he accidentally hit his son it looked just like something my brother-in-law Harrison would do.  We had a big snow this past winter and he decided to make a ramp for the kids to sled down.  Well, he underestimated how little my 4 year old nephew weighs and he was airborne for a good 2 seconds.  My sister, Amanda, can remind me of Claire at times. She started tapping on the window to let him know she was watching. I think any time you relate to a show it makes it much more enjoyable.  This show is relatable in SO many ways.

Here are a few pictures from "the ramp".

Phil  Harrison working on the ramp.

Tyler, Timothy, Shane, and Ty after their turn.

In this picture, I am pretty sure Macalister is cutting his eyes in the direction of the big window Claire Amanda was watching from.

  Last night's episode was particulary funny.  If you didn't see it, or if your recordings get bumped for football you can click here and watch the full episode.  What do you think is the best show on TV?

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