Friday, October 28, 2011

My Sister's Birthday

     I want to wish my sister, Amanda, a very Happy Birthday!  She is my little sister and I don't have enough room on this blog to tell her how much I love her.  We have always been so close and she is always there for me.  We had such a good time growing up together, but I think we are having more fun now that we are older. 

     We are so blessed to be able to live next door to each other.  Not only do I get to see her all the time, but we are a huge part of each other's kids' lives.  I love her kids like they are mine and I know she is just as close to my kids.  It is always funny to see her in my kids and me in hers.  Although, she kind of got the short end of that stick because when her kids are acting like me she usually calls me and tells me to come get them for a while! 

     We are almost 3 years apart so we were usually into the same things growing up.  High school was fun because we shared a lot of friends and memories.  Luckily, we never shared boyfriends though!  She has practically been with her husband her whole life so fighting over boys wasn't an issue.  He has always been like my brother. 

     I appreciate so many things about my sister, but to say she is a good mom is such an understatement.  I know that is the best compliment I can give her because that is what means the most to her.  I have so many stories that would completely embarrass her, but since it is her birthday, I will give her a break.  She has always been so much fun and doesn't give a lick about what she does or says.  She would do or say whatever she wanted to growing up and it was usually hysterical.

     She's the one that will just do something crazy like start dancing if the room gets too quiet.  She was always doing things in church to get me to laugh.  She was always the sneaky one that did something to get me in trouble and then she would look like an angel.  She still does the funniest things.  My kids love being around her because she is so carefree and fun.  Her daughter, Skylar, is like her in that way.  We go to the football games at the high school sometimes and Skylar likes to sit right next to the band.  And.....she loves to just break out in a dance when they play a song she likes.  Completely embarrasses her older brother Walt!  I know how he feels!  Amanda would do the same thing to me!

This is a picture of her with her youngest, Samuel, and her cousin Donald that Samuel is named after (Samuel Donald).  Technically he is our cousin, but he is so much more than that to us. She was so close to Donald's mother and she absolutely adored Amanda.  She was our aunt by marriage, but she couldn't have loved Amanda more if she had been her blood aunt.  She spent a lot of time with her when we were little.  Amanda would always tease me because since I was the first grandchild on both sides she always said I was the grandparents' favorite.  We would go stay with our aunt and it was clear who her favorite was!  And, Amanda loved it!  They had a really special relationship and Amanda was heartbroken when she passed away.  I think she may have been around 9 or so when she lost her and it was really hard for her.  I can still remember her being so grown up and going to the funeral home.  I was a chicken and couldn't go in, but Amanda would have never let Fanny down.  She has an extra special relationship with Donald because of the time she spent at their house and he knew how much his mom loved her.  He is also Amanda's godfather.

Happy Birthday, Amanda!  We are getting older, but that just means every year we grow closer and closer!  I love you very much!

(Skylar prepared a little rap for Amanda.  I need to see if I can get her to do it and video it for on here.  It was so funny.  One part went kind of like this,  "Happy Birthday, Mom    Your're 58.  Oh, wait, no you are 38."  It was so much like something Amanda would have done to our mom!)

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