Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Brought The Brownies?

     Some news articles seem too funny to be real.  Have you seen this? This is one of them.  The article is:

Seniors Sickened by Pot Brownies at Funeral

Three Huntington Beach, Calif., senior citizens were hospitalized Saturday after they were fed pot brownies at a memorial service for their friend.
Two Huntington Beach and Newport Beach women, both 71, and an 82-year-old man ended up in the emergency room at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach Saturday night with “nausea, dizziness and [an] inability to stand unassisted,” according to a report on the Huntington Beach Police Department’s Facebook page.
According to the report, a tray of brownies with medicinal marijuana was served during the ceremony, but no one was aware of the added ingredient.
“Our understanding is the person who passed away consumed brownies with medical marijuana in them, and apparently somebody put out a tray maybe in honor or tribute to that person, but didn’t tell everybody what was in them. And people were consuming the brownies without knowing they had the marijuana in them,” Lt. Russell Reinhart of the Huntington Beach Police told ABC News affiliate  KABC in Los Angeles.
All three people have since been treated and released.

     What is our world coming to?????  I love how the article from KABC said, "Police say the seniors complained of nausea and dizziness. They also had trouble standing."  Really??  I can't imagine why they couldn't stand on their own.

     What about the rest of the people at the funeral who ate them?  Did they have a case of the giggles as those poor 3 people were taken to the hospital? 

     That was really dangerous to serve the brownies without telling anyone.  There is no telling what kind of medications the three who got sick were on and it could have been really bad.  I am sure they were very scared.  I am a little confused why the brownies were sitting out in the first place.  Unless it was after and the plate was there with other food, why would you have a plate of brownies out at a funeral anyway?

     Can't you just see this as a movie, though?  Except instead of being taken to the hospital, the three hop in a car and go to Vegas or something.  They get into all kinds of trouble.  It is a cross between Cocoon and The Hangover.  Or maybe they wake up somewhere bizarre like a strip club or in a hot tub and have no memory of how they got there. Maybe it is like Weekend at Bernie's and they take their deceased friend with them. I shouldn't find this funny, one of them could have gotten really sick or even fell, but it had to be a little humorous..........for everyone else!

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