Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who Would Have Thunk It?

     This is the worst time of the year for me with my allergies.  We had a lot of fun last weekend, but the wind whipping around everything that doesn't agree with me made for a sick feeling girl the first of this week.  My allergies can make me feel worse than any infection or bug.  BUT, I do feel a little better and am so, so, so (can't say it enough) glad we have a 4 day weekend!  I am hoping we will get some rest and have some fun.

     I have said before and I will say it again, I can not believe how into football I am.  Like any mom, I enjoy watching my kids play any sports, but I am very pleasantly suprised at how much I enjoy watching football.  I used to think it was a dumb sport.  I think I thought that because I didn't get it.  I am still looking for the Football for Dummies book, but I have learned a lot.  I still believe hunting is a stupid sport, anything you participate in where you wear camo AND neon just doesn't make sense, but maybe I haven't given it a fair shot. (no pun intended!)  Maybe if I could "hunt down" what I would really like to I would enjoy that sport too, but I don't think there will ever be an Open Season for what I would like to see suffer.  I apologize for that, it must be all the antihistamines.  No, I think he deserved it.

     What has suprised me the most about the sport of football is the discipline and so many other things my boys are getting from the sport and being on the team.  They are around some really great men and are learning a lot more than just how to play the sport.  I love that.  It is a lot of hard work and I don't see my boys like I am used to, but I am so thankful they are involved in it and absolutely love it.  The season goes too fast.  I am going to miss their games when it is over and I really can't believe I just said that!  The good thing about where we are from is that they don't give you much time to miss it.  Especially the older boys.

     This sounds like me trying to explain football!  So funny!



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