Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Have The Best Idea!

     Oh my gosh, I needed that extra hour!  I think it not only gave me a little extra needed rest but may have made me temporarily smarter today.  (So long as I don't have to go through any drive thrus today!)

     I have the best idea!

     Why don't we get an extra hour EVERY Saturday night?  Before you think I am a complete idiot, to offset the extra hour, we just jump ahead an hour during the day on Monday.

     You are at work or school and when the clock reads 11:00 am it immediately moves ahead one hour to 12:00.  Bam!  There  you go!  We have cancelled out the extra hour on Saturday night, and what do you know?   It's lunchtime! 

     Problem solved!

     I bet if anybody used this as part of their campaign for President, they would definitely win!

Who wouldn't love an extra hour on the weekend and one less on Monday morning right before lunch?

*****I have added a page to this blog title Child Support.  If you have read my blog for very long or know me personally, you know I am in a really bad situation when it comes to child support.  I love writing this blog and don't like to waste posts on my anger and frustration with this matter.  I have added the page because I would like a place for support and much needed resources to be shared.  It is there if you need it, want to know you aren't alone, or have information you would like to share. 

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