Saturday, November 5, 2011

"I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore!"

Ok.         This is a spiritual blog, and I am a very spiritual person.  But, I am human and get mad and frustrated and don't really know where to put that anger.  I am not only convinced I have hit pre menopause, but I am a single mom.......of  (as of this time next month) 3 teenagers.......and I can't keep up.  I honestly feel like I am drowning most of the time out in the open sea with no hope whatsoever of a life jacket.  (Actually, if I wasn't so scared of the ocean, and sharks, and whales, and jellyfish, and all that, a little time out by myself with no one to bother me might be nice.)

It seems like everywhere I turn around there is just selfishness.  Nobody says polite things anymore, nobody is considerate anymore.  And fuhgeddabout anybody smiling.  I said forget about it that way because I am in GA, but we seem to have a clash of Southern roots vs. Northern roots right here on my home turf and I hear words like that or other  accents that I used to only hear on TV.  I remember when my sister was about 10 and we had a family, that everybody here was friends with, that came here from somewhere way up north.  The daughter was my sister's age and they were on the same basketball team one year.  The mother completely confused my mother.  She kept asking, "When will get our shots?"  My mom kept saying, "What, what kind of shots, they don't need shots."  This whose on first conversation went on for about five minutes until somebody realized the language barrier.  The lady was asking about SHORTS and in her completely unfamiliar accent, my mom thought she meant SHOTS like vaccinations.  That was at least 25 years ago, but I guess we are slow to learn because I still get thrown off by northern accents and slangs.  If they said it in extra syllables like us instead of eliminating some, then we would understand just fine!

Before you get your "SHOTS" in a wad, I am not blaming any group for Southern hospitality turning into hostility, but we do have so many different cultures and way of life living together all over the country and I think sometimes not understanding those differences cause a lot of miscommunication.  We tend to take things the wrong way if we don't understand someone's response or action.  That is a big problem in itself, but you add the problems of daily stress and a struggling economy and there can only be problems.

I have always been taught that the good Christian thing to do is be forgiving, turn the other cheek, and pray for the person who has just mistreated you.  I still think that is the right thing to do, I just think it is becoming IMPOSSIBLE and sometimes you end up just getting ran all over.  It is hard to turn the other cheek when both cheeks are constantly getting slapped.  What do you do?  I envy people who just say what they want to and don't care how it comes out.  I wouldn't want to be rude, but I think it is a self-defense mechanism.  If people know you are going to give back what you give them, then you save a lot of time and negativity by avoiding a lot being thrown your way.

I am one of those who gets home and gets really mad about something that just happened and spends the rest of the night thinking of what I could have said.  I hate that, because before I go to sleep I would have really let them have it and I would have been able to go to sleep a lot sooner and without being all wound up.  I don't think it is wrong to take up for yourself.  Maybe we are doing those people a favor and showing them that if you act hateful, you may just get hateful back.

I was in the grocery store the other day and got to the check out line and an older woman walks up behind me after I have put about 10 items on the roller thingy and she looks at me with her 5 items like "Can you let me go ahead?" She was way in my personal grocery lane space.  There should be a sign "keep your buggy at least 3 ft. from the buggy in front of you.  It never fails I have to go back around my buggy to get my purse or just push it forward and the person behind me is right on top of my buggy and don't want to move. And, then, I am all pushed up against the wall of things you buy that you don't need while standing in line trying to get my buggy out of THEIR way. I am looking at this lady looking at me and  I am thinking to myself, Lady, you held me up in almost every single aisle.  You obviously had no where to be, you aggravated me, sometimes I think on purpose with your buggy in the middle of the aisle testing my Southern hospitality and kind heartedness and NOW you are in a hurry????????? I looked up at her and said, "Why don't you go through the empty express line.  I have too many items, but you can go through."  Then, I thought to myself:  I know you are 100 years old, but I am satisfied I, too, am going to DIE at the grocery store so you can move on over to the other aisle, OLD LADY.

You know what..........I didn't feel bad about that thought at all.  And if the b**ch gets in my way next time, I will not even think about where I have to be.  I will spend however long she is in there getting in her way, stalling with my buggy in the middle of the aisle until SHE asks ME to move, wait on her, and get behind her in line and completely invade her lane space.  I am not going to take anymore.  'Cause just like me, this s**t is gettin' old!

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