Friday, November 11, 2011

My Veteran Hero

     We made it to Friday!  And, I don't think I have had a major blonde moment.........yet.  Some slip by me though and I am left wondering why someone is looking at me funny.  The day isn't over and I am working at the concession stand tonight at the high school football game so there is plenty of time left.  Because of my back I think they will have me in the back so my super math skillz won't be exposed.  Ha,ha!  I am SO bad at math!

     We have a fun weekend planned with high school football and basketball.  Although, I am a little worried about being around so many people because I haven't gotten the flu shot yet.  I went yesterday, but my chest X ray showed I STILL have bronchitis so instead of the flu shot I got another round of antibiotics.  Wonderful.  I did drop the prescription of at the drive thru, but I put the car in park and then didn't push my luck and went in to get it later. I am convinced I am going to die of a bladder infection because I have to be close to being immune to antibiotics by now.  This will be me all weekend and until I can get the shot.


This will be me because after what I have had, the flu will kill me.  Literally.  I have gotten away with no major blonde moments because I haven't hardly been anywhere all week and I really don't want to stay home all weekend.  I did get a vitamin shot from the doctor yesterday and I am taking an arsenal of vitamins so maybe that will help.

Happy Veterans Day to all you men and women who have sacrificed your life, time, and being with family to make our country a safe and free place to live.  I saw on a church sign yesterday with the words "Freedom is never free".

This is my favorite:   This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.  ~Elmer Davis

I am proud of my veteran hero, my Papa, Stanley Bennett.  He is my hero because of the sacrifices he made for our country serving in the navy, but he is my hero for so many more reasons!  He is such a sweet, great man and I don't think I have ever heard anyone say anything bad about him.  He is a great role model for my kids and I am so blessed that God let me be his granddaughter.  I love you, Papa!

My Nana and Papa with my mom.  He left school to serve and came back to finish.  This picture was at Rock City, but my mom was born in the Athens, Ga where there was a naval military base. 

The country may honor you today, but these sweet people honor you everyday!

This picture is my grandmother, Betty (we lost her 13 years ago), and her father my great grandfather Harlan Wages.  I always loved a picture of him that he kept on the mantel in his house of him receiving an award for packing parachutes.  He never had one that failed.   We lost him about 3 weeks after we lost my grandmother.  Love you both!

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