Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stratton's Birthday

     Well, I am sorry it has taken me so long, Stratton, but here is your birthday post.  I think subconsciously I may have put if off in denial of the fact that I now have 3 teenagers!  In their defense, they are great kids and don't fit in the stereotype of teenagers.

     I always feel like Stratton gets a little bit of a bum deal having his birthday so near Christmas.  For starters, it is really hard to plan any kind of party at that time of year.  And, then he gets gifts so close together.  Although, for me, I loved it when he was born so close to Christmas.  There is absolutely nothing sweeter than having a new baby at Christmas.  We had just lost my grandmother, Betty, and my great-grandfather, Poppy (Harlan), so it was special timing for our family to welcome a birth after such heartbreak.

     Stratton is such a special kid.  Sorry, I guess now I should call him a young man.  He has a very quick sense of humor that reminds me of my brother, Ty, and he is very smart.  I call him my McGyver, although he has no idea what I am talking about, because he can make anything out of anything.  No kidding.  This boy has made a gun out of paper.  He did try to make a boat out of water bottles a couple of years ago.  He saw something on You tube about a boat being built out of water bottles, there is an article about it at National Geographic, and he was inspired.  So, we saved up all of our waterbottles for his project.  He worked really hard on it and made a floating raft. I was impressed!

     I joke with Stratton all the time because he is JUST like my dad.  It is funny how he has so many of his ways.  That's a good thing though, my dad is a very smart businessman and is so much fun to be around.  Stratton has had to grow up a little faster than I would have chosen for him, but he is very mature for his age.  It wasn't his or my fault that he has had to deal with things he shouldn't have, but the way he looks at things amazes me.  He is extremely spiritual and has a way of seeing things others don't always see.  It's funny how he is the youngest, but me, Sydney, and Shane, often rely on his way of thinking and opinion in some situations.  That is how he is like my brother.  Ty is younger than me, but he is always the voice of reason and when I really need an honest, helpful opinion and advice, my brother is who I turn to.

     I am so proud of all three of my kids.  They are such good people and so much fun to be around.  They, along with my sister and brother's kids all have such unique and strong personalities.  It is always fun when we are together.  It is always LOUD, but it is always fun!

    With so many kids, someone is always having a birthday ....AND.....someone is always sick.  We had to split up the family birthday parties because of sick little ones.  We went to my brother's and then my sister's.  But, it kind worked out in Stratton's favor.  He got two parties, got to blow out the candles twice, and was sung to twice.

He even looks a little like my brother.

                                    My sister and her kids made him this banner.  He loved it!

Look under the "Happy".  I cried when I saw Macalister wrote "you're my best friend".  So sweet!

We went out to dinner with my parents.  He ended up with 3 celebrations!

Showing off his new jacket from Grandmother and Pop!

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