Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Very Sad Day

   Our community lost a very sweet, giving, wonderful young man today.  Even though we know he has gone home, there is still a lot of sadness.  He gave so much to everyone around him and that kind spirit will be missed greatly.  I will always remember him as the sweet little boy that lived behind me and my parents years ago and later as a great teacher, coach, and role model to my children.  A lot of young people are sad today, but will move forward better people because of the time spent with Ryan.  He was an angel on earth and Heaven is blessed to have him home.

God Called Me Home Today

I didn't know I would be leaving today.
There was a lot left to do and say.
There is never an easy way to say goodbye.
I know it is hard to understand, but please try.
Even though I wouldn't have chosen to go,
It is beautiful here and I love it so.
I am with others I haven't seen in a while
And they greeted me with open arms and the biggest smile.
As much as I loved being with you all
I had to answer God's sweet call
The warmth of His beauty, love, and grace
Has to show upon my face
I will miss you but will see you again one day
Just remember your faith and always pray
God is always there with you
I now certainly know this to be true
In your heart I will always be near
So don't be sad, God just needs me here.



Laura Franzoni said...

That was beautiful April!

April said...

Thanks, Laura. So many people are just heartbroken. Love you.