Thursday, March 29, 2012

What In The World Are They Thinking?

     I saw something on the bottom of the TV screen yesterday watching a minute of Good Morning America.  It kind of stayed with me all day and I looked it up to see if I could find more information on it.
Call me crazy, but this whole idea sounds ridiculous.

This is the title: (click here for the article) 

U.S. judge bars import of drug used in death penalty

Here is a little more:

 A U.S. judge on Tuesday barred U.S. authorities from importing an anesthesia drug used in carrying out death sentences because the Food and Drug Administration never approved the drug for use in the United States, and he ordered supplies be confiscated.

Ummmm, it seems that it isn't right for the use of sodium thiopental, a sedative drug used before lethal injection, to be used because it hasn't been FDA approved.   ??????   Are you kidding????????

I know it is an issue that we aren't supposed to allow things into the country that aren't approved, and I know they can get into the wrong hands, but this is crazy.  A group of inmates sued the FDA for letting this sedative in.

Why were they able to do that?  I am glad we live in a free country, but when you don't behave as you are supposed to and end up in prison, then, I believe you should lose a great deal of your rights.  Besides the absolutely insane idea that this sedative shouldn't be used on people about to be put to death because, as a US district judge who sided with the inmates put it:

"The FDA appears to be simply wrapping itself in the flag of law enforcement discretion to justify its authority and masquerade an otherwise seemingly callous indifference to the health consequences of those imminently facing the executioner's needle.
 How utterly disappointing!"

I don't know how you say that out loud with a straight face.  "Callous indifference to the health consequences of those imminently facing the executioner's needle."

That is a flipping moronic statement.  And why are inmates allowed to sue the government?  We stand on the steps of government buildings, take months of getting signatures, trying to get bills and legislation passed and it is that easy for an inmate to question or accuse the government?  Who is in charge here?

Tell me if I am wrong, but aren't these people on deathrow in the first place because their discretion was "callous indifference to the health consequences" of those they HURT and KILLED?  Why are we protecting them?  We are making sure they are safely sedated before they get the easy way out?  What about the pain the families live with everyday?  Did they safely sedate victims before they killed them?

This makes as much sense as giving them medication for their nerves if they are a little anxious the week before execution.  I just don't get it sometimes.  We have become such a "land of the free" that we are taking rights away on a daily basis of those who aren't doing anything wrong.  When did the system become more about worrying about invading the rights of those who are the wrongdoers and punishing the innocent victims?

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Friday, March 23, 2012

LBD (or not?)


     Audrey Hepburn made the Little Black Dress (LBD) famous in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Styles come and go, and sometimes repeat throughout time, but the LBD has pretty much been a fashion staple for years.  Until now.  Kelly Clinton told us yesterday on The Chew as long as we have a well-fitted dress, just above the knee, that is professional enough for work with jacket and fun for night, then it doesn't matter if it is black or any other color.


     I don't think I agree.  Any other colored dress that is professional but can go from day to night is just that, any other dress.  I don't think we should be so quick to discard the longtime, fashionable LBD.  I love color, especially in Spring and Summer, but you can't replace the sophisticated and elegant look of the LBD.  It can be spruced up with a little color and personal style, but as Tom Cruise said in Risky Business about the Porsche, "there is no substitute."

     I love the look of old Hollywood glam.  I think women in that era knew how to be sophisticated and sexy at the same time.  There are just some looks that don't ever go out of style and the LBD is one of them.

     My daily attire consists of sweats and T shirts.  I am especially fond of my old concert Tshirts, so I am not exactly the best person to ask for fashion advice, but I do know what I like.  Some things just shouldn't change.

     I kept thinking yesterday, after I watched The Chew, about this new idea.  By the way, I love this show.  The people are a lot of fun, there are always great recipes, and it is just a really entertaining show.  The thought kind of went out of my mind until I heard one of the ladies on my local radio show talk about it today.  She was reporting this new information, in a way, but I kind of feel like she was putting it out there questioning it a little herself.  Maybe I am putting words in her mouth, or maybe it is a southern thing, but some traditions shouldn't be changed.

     In the words of Coco Chanel:

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.

Fashion passes, style remains.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.


Do you think the LBD can be any other color?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Country And Proud Of It

     My family is so funny.  No matter what, we can always laugh and see the humor in most situations.  We are also VERY country.  I try not to sound so bad, but I have decided to just embrace it.  I know I am not supposed to say double negatives and it sounds a lot more intelligent when you say all the sounds in a word.  Like saying "doing" instead of "doin' ".  Whatever.  I am country and I am proud of my family no matter what we sound like.

     I hate to hear myself on a recording.  I will swear up and down that it isn't me.  It is a less than subtle reminder of my southern ways.  I would like to think I sound interesting, and at times, sultry, but let's face it, it can really come out embarrassing sometimes.

     Tonight was one of those times.  The really funny thing about my family is that we live right here all on the same street and when we are out we act like we haven't seen each other in a week, and won't for another week.  My younger son had a basketball game and we were talking afterwards.  We ended up being the only people left in the parking lot.  I was talking with my mom when I heard the noise.

     The noise was my dad racing my older son on foot in the parking lot.  My dad doesn't wear tennis shoes.  My dad is diabetic.  I gasp when I turn around and see the two of them running only to hear my mom yell out of the car behind me, "Tee-am!  (his name is Tim, but we put two syllables in one syllable words and names), You look like runnin' through the parking lot when you can't even feel your feet!" Tee-am has neuropathy from the diabetes and won't realize the impact of the parking lot on his loafer covered feet until probably later on tonight or tomorrow.  By the way, I am not making light of his situation, I have diabetes too, but can still feel my feet enough to know I CAN NOT outrun my 15 year old 6'1" son at any time with any shoes.

     But I gotta love my dad for trying!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

     I have no sense of time.  I don't know why in the world I think my head can keep up with what I am supposed to do and when.  Life is crazy enough without me planning and/or realizing I have something to do at the last minute.  My mom would be totally lost without her calendar.  So would I! (hers I mean)  She is the most organized person I know and she has everything written down and scheduled on her calendar.  I guess with 11 grandchildren she has no choice!  It was like that when me, my sister and brother were at home though.  She keeps up with where we all have to be and I am very thankful for that.  If I had a calendar I would probably lose it!

     It is chaotic and very stressful not being organized and living moment to moment, but I have learned with my three kids that if I have something written down or planned it usually gets changed anyway.  I was a lot more organized when they were little, but there was a lot less going on and to keep track of.  Time completely gets away from me.  From the simple, oh that happened two weeks ago (only to realize later that is was actually 2 months ago) to oh, I have three weeks to do that (three weeks that are here in the blink of an eye).  I don't think I am alone, though.  Time does seem to be moving much faster than it used to!

     I always think the malls and stores are way ahead of themselves when they set things out for a holiday or a season that seems so far away.  However, it gets here way faster than I expected and they don't look so anxious after all.  I was just thinking, as some places were getting rid of Christmas decorations before Christmas had arrived, how soon Valentine's candy was put out.  THEN, Easter things were being placed on shelves BEFORE Valentine's was over.  Just when I think others are getting way too ahead way too soon, I am proven wrong.  Here it is, on into March and Easter around the corner. 

     I am thrilled that Spring Break is in a hurry to get here, but just like the others, it will be gone too soon.  High School Graduation is another thing that I will be celebrating sooner than I would like.  Only to be followed in a few days by my older son's 16th birthday.  Things are going way too fast and even though I would be ripping off the months of a calendar in what would seem like every week, I definitely need to work on getting myself organized since things are getting here much faster than I anticipated.

      I can't believe Spring is here tomorrow, but I am always glad to see it arrive.    I have always considered myself a "stop and smell the roses" kind of girl, but I better hurry up with that too.  The way time is moving along we will be back into fall way too soon!



Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ben and The Titanic

     Well, I have basically just endured this Bachelor.  I normally love this show, but it has gotten to be kind of a joke.  Just to be fair to all of those on it this season, I think editing has a lot to do with how we perceive Ben and all of the girls.  When Michelle Money was on Brad's season, she was totally misrepresented.  Not to say that is the case with Courtney, but I feel like she showed a much different side on the hometown date.


     I do feel bad for Kacie B.  It never works out well when someone that has been sent home returns.  You are just asking to be insulted.  When he said he didn't see her there at the end that had to hurt!  It was kind of obvious it took a lot out of her when she hit the floor after she left his room!

     They re-introduced us to Emily getting us ready for her season.  I love how the brilliant people of the show have decided to use the song from a tragic movie to relate to her.  I mean, do they not know she had a tragedy and that is why she is single?????  Let's just remind the poor thing the whole season!  I get it that her "heart must go on" but that song is such a downer.

     Every woman is going to hate me, but I am probably the only one that absolutely hates the movie The Titanic!  For starters, I am claustrophobic so all that water coming in terrifies me.  Second, it has to be the most depressing, sad and morbid movie I have ever seen.  AND...............I watch horror movies all the time!

     I know it is this big romantic movie, but it is also one of the most tragic events in history.....................but let's make a romance movie to "drown" out all those people dying.  (No pun intended!)  Let's not forget that this love story is about a woman named Rose (Kate Winslet) who cheats on her fiance`, Cal (Billy Zane) with Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio).  I know, I know, she was in a bad situation with a complete jerk, but there just seems to be bad energy all over that ship.

     It has been a long time since I have seen the whole movie, but I am not eager to watch it again.  I am scared of the ocean so the thought of them being confined AND in the ocean gave me a panic attack for the whole duration of the movie.  It wears you out!  People are running all over the place trying to survive and hopefully get on a lifeboat, which happens to be on icy water.  Families are being separated, there is limited number of space on the lifeboats so total chaos kicks in as well as greed trying to be one of a few to get on the lifeboat.  And, it makes me want to cry, but what about the old couple lying on the bed with the water rushing under them just waiting there to die together.  What the hell?  They really had to go there and put that image on screen.  You know, it is crazy, but when you are on a boat in the middle of the ocean and all that water, the last thing you want to see on that boat is a whole lot of water!

     I could go on and on, but I am getting depressed and feeling like I am suffocating just thinking about the whole movie.  One more thing, though, while Rose and Jack are playfully running through the hull or bottom part of the ship bothers me.  I know that is supposed to be romantic too and maybe the steam is supposed to be symbolic of their "passion", but isn't it more ironic that they are in the part of the boat that is submerged under water?  It just looks hot and uncomfortable down there.  Not very romantic.

     We know what Emily and the movie have in common, but it has something in common with Ben too.  If we are all right about Courtney, she is as icy as that water and he is going to be looking for a lifeboat REAL soon!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Satan's Trifecta

MODERN FAMILY - "Leap Day" - Cameron's birthday falls on Leap Day, and with opportunities to celebrate so few and far between, the pressure for Mitchell to get it right is exceptional. Meanwhile, Jay's machismo is in question, and Phil's plans to observe the Leap Day holiday with the boys is thwarted by the girls, on "Modern Family," WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29 (9:00-9:31 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/PETER "HOPPER" STONE)JULIE BOWEN, SARAH HYLAND (OBSCURED), TY BURRELL, ARIEL WINTER

      I love TV and watch WAYYYY too much of it.  It would be a shorter list of shows I don't like than do.  There aren't many I can't watch, but my absolute favorite right now is Modern Family.  That show completely cracks me up.  I love my family and know how many humorous moments we have and it is so funny to watch a show that demonstrates how much family means and no matter what the dilemma is, true family love gets you through it.

     Any man that is in a house of even one woman knows that there are certain times of the month you might as well just say "Yes, dear" and agree.  I am not saying that every female emotion should be blamed on PMS, but you ladies have to admit, we have no control a few days of the month.

     Last night, I thought they showed the three basic emotions perfectly through the mom and two daughters.  (Hence the Satan's Trifecta.) You can go from emotional, to downright pissed, to spacey and plain dumb.  If the fatigue isn't bad enough during that time, walking around the house going into the same room five times because you forgot what you went in there for is enough to wear you out.  Plus, it is draining to be Bitchy, Mopey, and Dopey all at the same time.

     I never really thought about how hard it had to have been on my dad and brother with me and my mom and sister and our monthly episodes.  The dad character,Phil, said on the show last night that women who are around each other a lot tend to have the same cycles and where that is true some of the times, I remember my dad always saying, "With 3 women in the house someone is always on their time of the month."  I will say I think my brother is a much more sensitive and understanding man and husband because of what he witnessed growing up.  Men that don't have sisters seem to kind of miss out on that experience.  I don't know, maybe my brother is more scared and aware than anything! Maybe I should start keeping track of the weekends he and his twin boys show up at the house and stay for awhile!  (I am teasing you, Bethany!) And we women know that really and truly we only have one week out of the month that we actually feel normal.  I think my two boys will be more sensitive having an older sister.  At least in our little family it balanced with 2 on 2!

     The thing I love about this show is that there is always something going on with all 3 families.  While the women were out of whack in one family, the man was recognizing his feminine side in the other, and the third family was celebrating a Leap Year birthday with a suprise party that went completely wrong until the end.  And, of course, unlike life, all the chaos and obstacles get cleared up in thirty minutes.  But, what a funny and great escape for me those 30 minutes are!