Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ben and The Titanic

     Well, I have basically just endured this Bachelor.  I normally love this show, but it has gotten to be kind of a joke.  Just to be fair to all of those on it this season, I think editing has a lot to do with how we perceive Ben and all of the girls.  When Michelle Money was on Brad's season, she was totally misrepresented.  Not to say that is the case with Courtney, but I feel like she showed a much different side on the hometown date.


     I do feel bad for Kacie B.  It never works out well when someone that has been sent home returns.  You are just asking to be insulted.  When he said he didn't see her there at the end that had to hurt!  It was kind of obvious it took a lot out of her when she hit the floor after she left his room!

     They re-introduced us to Emily getting us ready for her season.  I love how the brilliant people of the show have decided to use the song from a tragic movie to relate to her.  I mean, do they not know she had a tragedy and that is why she is single?????  Let's just remind the poor thing the whole season!  I get it that her "heart must go on" but that song is such a downer.

     Every woman is going to hate me, but I am probably the only one that absolutely hates the movie The Titanic!  For starters, I am claustrophobic so all that water coming in terrifies me.  Second, it has to be the most depressing, sad and morbid movie I have ever seen.  AND...............I watch horror movies all the time!

     I know it is this big romantic movie, but it is also one of the most tragic events in history.....................but let's make a romance movie to "drown" out all those people dying.  (No pun intended!)  Let's not forget that this love story is about a woman named Rose (Kate Winslet) who cheats on her fiance`, Cal (Billy Zane) with Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio).  I know, I know, she was in a bad situation with a complete jerk, but there just seems to be bad energy all over that ship.

     It has been a long time since I have seen the whole movie, but I am not eager to watch it again.  I am scared of the ocean so the thought of them being confined AND in the ocean gave me a panic attack for the whole duration of the movie.  It wears you out!  People are running all over the place trying to survive and hopefully get on a lifeboat, which happens to be on icy water.  Families are being separated, there is limited number of space on the lifeboats so total chaos kicks in as well as greed trying to be one of a few to get on the lifeboat.  And, it makes me want to cry, but what about the old couple lying on the bed with the water rushing under them just waiting there to die together.  What the hell?  They really had to go there and put that image on screen.  You know, it is crazy, but when you are on a boat in the middle of the ocean and all that water, the last thing you want to see on that boat is a whole lot of water!

     I could go on and on, but I am getting depressed and feeling like I am suffocating just thinking about the whole movie.  One more thing, though, while Rose and Jack are playfully running through the hull or bottom part of the ship bothers me.  I know that is supposed to be romantic too and maybe the steam is supposed to be symbolic of their "passion", but isn't it more ironic that they are in the part of the boat that is submerged under water?  It just looks hot and uncomfortable down there.  Not very romantic.

     We know what Emily and the movie have in common, but it has something in common with Ben too.  If we are all right about Courtney, she is as icy as that water and he is going to be looking for a lifeboat REAL soon!


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