Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Country And Proud Of It

     My family is so funny.  No matter what, we can always laugh and see the humor in most situations.  We are also VERY country.  I try not to sound so bad, but I have decided to just embrace it.  I know I am not supposed to say double negatives and it sounds a lot more intelligent when you say all the sounds in a word.  Like saying "doing" instead of "doin' ".  Whatever.  I am country and I am proud of my family no matter what we sound like.

     I hate to hear myself on a recording.  I will swear up and down that it isn't me.  It is a less than subtle reminder of my southern ways.  I would like to think I sound interesting, and at times, sultry, but let's face it, it can really come out embarrassing sometimes.

     Tonight was one of those times.  The really funny thing about my family is that we live right here all on the same street and when we are out we act like we haven't seen each other in a week, and won't for another week.  My younger son had a basketball game and we were talking afterwards.  We ended up being the only people left in the parking lot.  I was talking with my mom when I heard the noise.

     The noise was my dad racing my older son on foot in the parking lot.  My dad doesn't wear tennis shoes.  My dad is diabetic.  I gasp when I turn around and see the two of them running only to hear my mom yell out of the car behind me, "Tee-am!  (his name is Tim, but we put two syllables in one syllable words and names), You look like runnin' through the parking lot when you can't even feel your feet!" Tee-am has neuropathy from the diabetes and won't realize the impact of the parking lot on his loafer covered feet until probably later on tonight or tomorrow.  By the way, I am not making light of his situation, I have diabetes too, but can still feel my feet enough to know I CAN NOT outrun my 15 year old 6'1" son at any time with any shoes.

     But I gotta love my dad for trying!


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