Thursday, March 29, 2012

What In The World Are They Thinking?

     I saw something on the bottom of the TV screen yesterday watching a minute of Good Morning America.  It kind of stayed with me all day and I looked it up to see if I could find more information on it.
Call me crazy, but this whole idea sounds ridiculous.

This is the title: (click here for the article) 

U.S. judge bars import of drug used in death penalty

Here is a little more:

 A U.S. judge on Tuesday barred U.S. authorities from importing an anesthesia drug used in carrying out death sentences because the Food and Drug Administration never approved the drug for use in the United States, and he ordered supplies be confiscated.

Ummmm, it seems that it isn't right for the use of sodium thiopental, a sedative drug used before lethal injection, to be used because it hasn't been FDA approved.   ??????   Are you kidding????????

I know it is an issue that we aren't supposed to allow things into the country that aren't approved, and I know they can get into the wrong hands, but this is crazy.  A group of inmates sued the FDA for letting this sedative in.

Why were they able to do that?  I am glad we live in a free country, but when you don't behave as you are supposed to and end up in prison, then, I believe you should lose a great deal of your rights.  Besides the absolutely insane idea that this sedative shouldn't be used on people about to be put to death because, as a US district judge who sided with the inmates put it:

"The FDA appears to be simply wrapping itself in the flag of law enforcement discretion to justify its authority and masquerade an otherwise seemingly callous indifference to the health consequences of those imminently facing the executioner's needle.
 How utterly disappointing!"

I don't know how you say that out loud with a straight face.  "Callous indifference to the health consequences of those imminently facing the executioner's needle."

That is a flipping moronic statement.  And why are inmates allowed to sue the government?  We stand on the steps of government buildings, take months of getting signatures, trying to get bills and legislation passed and it is that easy for an inmate to question or accuse the government?  Who is in charge here?

Tell me if I am wrong, but aren't these people on deathrow in the first place because their discretion was "callous indifference to the health consequences" of those they HURT and KILLED?  Why are we protecting them?  We are making sure they are safely sedated before they get the easy way out?  What about the pain the families live with everyday?  Did they safely sedate victims before they killed them?

This makes as much sense as giving them medication for their nerves if they are a little anxious the week before execution.  I just don't get it sometimes.  We have become such a "land of the free" that we are taking rights away on a daily basis of those who aren't doing anything wrong.  When did the system become more about worrying about invading the rights of those who are the wrongdoers and punishing the innocent victims?

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